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These days, No Limit web hosting might has been not popular as it was. Web hosting customers keep doubting about how true No Limit web hosting can be. I don’t blame them for it. It is understandable why people are unsure about the success of No Limit Hosting because they must consider of how unlimited stored files, websites, or traffic can be hosted.

However, we did succeed in executing our No Limit plans. We provide no limit storage, bandwidth, domains, etc in our no limit plans. Many customers have been interested in using them these last two years and they do like the features. How possible is it?

The Truth about No Limit Hosting

Honestly, to let you know, No Limit hosting is truly applicable when you know how you do it and what to use. As we do, we have Storage Area Network (SAN), with which we are able to provide you no limit disk space.

Data are not stored in internal hard drives but are stackable and upgradeable to no limit amount up to thousands of Terabytes of space. And when there is more and more demand, we just need to add another hard drive into the SAN to provide you no limit storage.

No Limit traffic is also doable when it has multiple GigE ports in the data center. This means each server has very big pipe for no limit traffic to flow through, continuously meaning that No Limit idea in shared hosting is always a possible option to provide.

Why Are There so Many Cons about It?

There are people disagreeing about No Limit Hosting. It is not their fault but actually they have not found how to do it properly. In fact, there have been many web hosts offering full No Limit Hosting in everything – traffic, storage, or domains and they are successful as they know how to do it.

Another fact why there are so many cons about it is simply also because there have been quite many abuse users in no limit hosting. Everybody wants no limit web hosting. It is cheap, no limit resources, awesome features, hassle-free.

Some users (the abusing ones) don’t use no limit hosting properly as they mostly don’t read the Terms of Service (TOS) carefully, which they think are useless and wasting time. They don’t know that instead of wasting their time, the TOS helps to protect all of the customers so that abusing the service is not possible.

We, Host Department, also realize that No Limit hosting develops some cons and that is how we come with an even more brilliant solution, unlimited web hosting. With Premium Hosting, you are provided with sufficient amount of resources, completed with the latest technologies plus the all new brand server and quick fix customer support at a very affordable rate for such a perfect web hosting experience (from $9.95/mo).

No Limit hosting plans are our success in delivering a great service for our users. However, as there have been some users who disagree with No Limit hosting, we should listen to their voices and offer another outstanding solution. So, it is now your decision to choose either No Limit Hosting or the others.

Has begun the month of May, the time for us to memorize the US men and women who passed away in military service for their noble work is approaching. Celebrated on the last Monday In May, Memorial Day or formerly called as Decoration Day has been a yearly tradition to celebrate since 1865. And now, all people all over the US never miss the celebration every May.

How Did the Tradition Begin?

In the end of the Civil War (1865), communities set a day to memorize the end of the war to commemorate those who had died. The first areas who celebrated memorial day are Sharpsburg, Maryland, Charleston, Boalsburg, Richmond, Carbondale, Columbus, many communities in Vermont, and some other cities. The first memorial day itself took place in 1865 by liberated slaves at the historic race track in Charleston.

And on May 30, 1868, the liberated slaves returned to the graveyard with flowers and decorated the individual gravesites, creating the first Decoration Day. There was also a parade by thousands of liberated Union soldiers done with patriotic singing and picnic. Since then, the Decoration Day or Memorial Day keeps being celebrated yearly.

How Do the US Citizens Celebrate Memorial Day at Present?

Not really changing from the former days, many people still observe this day by visiting cemeteries and memorials, which important moment of the remembrance is at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. There is also another tradition by flying the United States flag half-staff from dawn until noon local time. Volunteers also place the US flags on each gravesite at National Cemeteries. Additionally, there have been many Americans using Memorial Day to honor their other family members who have died.

Besides visiting graveyards and flying the United States flag, Memorial Day is celebrated with picnics, barbecues, family gatherings, and sporting events too. One of the famous sport traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500, which is an American automobile race located in Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. It has been held related to Memorial Day since 1911.

There are also communities having a ceremony in a church or town memorial park to commemorate the fallen soldiers from the towns they are living in such as police officers or firefighters. They often hold a Memorial Day parade to honor such residents. They also have a picnic barbecue at a local park and invite the whole town to attend.

The United States Memorial Day is a great holiday that you can’t miss if you admit that you are an American. And because of that fact, we, Host Department LLC, as an American company also celebrate this day by sharing with other Americans to commemorate the fallen soldiers of our country.

We are currently offering 25% lifetime discount for our outstanding Premium Hosting plans by only using the coupon code “MEMORIAL09“. The only reason why we are offering the discount for our Premium Hosting is simple, because we’d like to offer the most special web hosting plans we have for this special day. So, choose your own special way to celebrate this very special occasion of the United States.


As always, every beginning of the month, I am here to present Host Department’s Uptime fact for the recent passed month, which is April’s uptime fact. Beginning the premier in March Uptime fact, we still provide you with our new Premium Hosting Uptime fact together with our regular shared hosting uptime record, so you can know the updates of our server performance and compare the difference between two clusters.

Premium Hosting for April 2009



% Critical
















Wonderfully, our Premium Hosting Service reached 99.95% uptime averagely in all services and just had 0.048% critical time due to electrical issue in the data center and also the regular maintenance. Compared to our regular shared hosting uptime record below, Premium Hosting performance still shows one step better.

Our HTTP, MySQL, and email services (POP and SMTP) reached around 99.95% okay time and just had 0.05% critical time due to the reason mentioned above. Additionally, our FTP service reached 99.943% uptime and was reported 0.057% critical for the regular maintenance. Overall, Premium Hosting has better uptime than the regular shared hosting accounts.

Regular Shared Hosting for April 2009

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Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.954% 0.046%
HTTP 99.966% 0.034%
MySQL 98.986% 1.014%
SMTP 99.966% 0.034%
POP 99.966% 0.034%

Our Uptime fact for April 2009 reached 99.77% averagely for all service. We had around 0.23% downtime overally for all service. As you can see from the table, our MySQL service got the biggest critical time compared to the others, around 1.014% or around 98.986% uptime. This was caused by the regular scheduled maintenance.

Furthermore, our HTTP and E-mail service (SMTP and POP) reached out a wonderful uptime fact of 99.966%. It just had little 0.034% critical time when there was scheduled maintenance. On the other hand, our FTP service reached 99.954% uptime and had 0.046% critical time for performance maintenance.

We realize that this uptime fact has not yet reached 100%; however, we always want to be transparent and provide you with the clear description of what’s going on with our performance. Thank you for always reading this Uptime Fact. I’ll be back with May Uptime next month.

Best regards,


Names sound to be a very simple that doesn’t really mean much. But wait, doesn’t it? It does. It is simple but very meaningful actually. And it even becomes more meaningful when the names have relation to your business or any important stuffs in your life. Let’s say, a domain name for example.

Domain name is your name in online world, very important if you have business online. You will want to have your domain names easily remembered so people are able to visit and visit it again. That means you have to create the right domain names for your website. But how to make sure it is the right one?

Get the Idea of What Your Website Is All about
This is what you need to understand first. Try to know what the concept of your website is, the purpose, and the solution that you offer to your visitors. These will give them clear descriptions of what they are going to find in your website.

For example, our domain name,, clearly states what is in there. There is the concept of web hosting, the purpose of providing web hosting products and services, plus offering the right solution in web hosting. That’s why we name it Host Department.

Make it Short and Catchy
Remember not to make a long sentence for your domain name. You don’t want to have a very long domain name like or that I am absolutely sure only barely number of people remember. Just make it short but effective. Another thing to keep in mind is being catchy – another important factor to consider when registering a domain name.

However, don’t get catchy in the wrong and silly way. Be careful not to make mistakes that your domains sound like exposing something embarassing when they actually should have looked good. For examples: Pen Island – who registers their domain as; Who Represents – registering their domain as; PowerGen Italia – which domain is registered as; and some others that make you think what was in their thoughts when they register the domains.

Avoid Similarity and Trademark Violation
Before registering the domain name, pay attention and check first if the domain you choose will be any similar to any of your competitors’ domains. You want to be recognized as you, not as anybody else. For example, when there is already a domain name like, better not have similar one like as it will confuse your visitors.

Additionally, if there is good reputation that you’ve gained, visitors who do not really know you will think it is the other one’s reputation. Worse, if there is any bad reputation that the other domain gets, people might be misled that it is your own reputation. Be unique.

Last but not least, do not steal someone’s trademark just to get traffic or good name from public. Register a domain name which trademark hasn’t been owned by anybody as you can be sued for trademark infringement or violation! Ensure that you build your own trademark.

For example, as we have owned, nobody else should try to register any domain name under our trademark in any domain extensions like,, etc as we can take further legal action regarding trademark violation.

So, it is time for you to create the best domain name online that people will keep remembering and visiting more and more. Good luck!


I have written few about cybercrimes to show they have been a more and more global issue these days. Let’s say domain scamming, TOS violation, cybersquatting, or others! They are no longer new stuffs to happen. What is worse is with the economic crisis currently happening, the number of cybercrimes keep increasing in different ways.

Why Does Cybercrimes Take Place?

Previously, cybercrimes happened just because the cyber criminals liked to attack or damage with no other purpose than destruction or disruption of someone’s computer. They only had the will to cause malicious destruction to others.

However, the purpose now has changed a little. Since the economic crisis has happened during the last one year, the purpose is more for cash. How is it so? It can be caused from that people with good knowledge in the industry were laid off from their job. This means they have no money to earn their living and they have more time. It can result on doing things to get cash or money, even in the bad way.

What Can Cybercriminals Do to the Online World?
The most possible feared threat that could happen to the internet world is the threat to security. This can happen like the spread of computer viruses. One that is popular now is the Conficker Worm (virus), that is known to have attacked millions computers around the world for the last few months, Until now, there is no clear clue about the real purpose of the Conficker.

The Conficker is a self-replicating program that takes advantage of networks or computers which is not not kept updated with Windows security patches. It can infect machines from the Internet or by hiding on USB memory sticks that carry data from a computer to the others. So, you can see how powerful but dangerous it is.

How to Deal with This?
Honestly, there hasn’t been any idea to stop or prevent cyber or computer security attack completely other than being careful and installing the latest or the best security software. For the Conficker itself, Microsoft has free Malicious Software Removal Tool to detect and remove Conficker. Additionally, security firms such as Trend Micro, Symantec, or F-Secure provide Conficker removal services in their websites. These will protect you from the damaging effect.

Seeing that cybercrimes keep growing in strategies and number, we should be aware and protect ourselves from the worst.