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Terms of Services, as I keep restating, are very important for you to pay attention to. They are the connection between internet businesses and you when you choose to use their services and  they are also the rules how they are gonna use your information.

Unfortunately, we all know we don’t really bother to read carefully and thoroughly the whole sentences in the Terms of Services, which might put us into difficulty with the service provider in further future. That is why Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) now tries to provide a way to solve the issue.

What is Electronic Frontier Foundation and Its Project?

EFF is an international non-profit advocacy and legal organization in the United States with the  purpose of being dedicated to preserving the right to freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, in the context of digital rights.

But what do they have to do with this TOS stuff? Well, for your information, they now provide you with  a tracker for updates of what’s happening in some organizations or companies’ TOS, either there is a change or not.

TOSBack (Terms of Service Tracker)

What is it? TOSBack is a tracker who keeps an eye on tens of website policies. Whenever there are changes in any of their policies, you will get the update in here so you will know when the time is to check out the policies.

With this new tool, you will not be left behind in getting the updates of TOS of the websites you join. This tracker will help you to know anything new with their TOS. So, get yourselves updated with what you’ve joined!


I know that you must have been waiting to see our performance fact for May 2009 uptime. That’s why I am here to deliver the report. And as usual, there will be complete details about both of our web hosting clusters, the new cluster of Premium Hosting and our old cluster of web hosting.

Premium Hosting

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.991% 0.009%
HTTP 99.991% 0.009%
MySQL 99.991% 0.009%
SMTP 99.991% 0.009%
POP 99.991% 0.009%

Once again, our Premium Hosting shows its quality with the proof of its outstanding performance record. Last May, our Premium Hosting performed a great uptime of 99.991% on average all over the internet.

There was only 0.009% critical time reported for the regular scheduled maintenance, which means we reached over the standard as a web hosting service and even went beyond above the hope.

Old Cluster Web Hosting

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.989% 0.011%
SMTP 99.989% 0.011%
POP 99.978% 0.022%

Our web hosting service in the old cluster showed a number of 99.988% in May 2009 for their performance record, which is 99.99% when rounded up, meaning that we achieved our uptime guarantee.

All of our services except our POP service reached out 99.989% uptime in average, meaning that we just had around 0.011% critical time resulted from our regular scheduled maintenance.

Only our POP service that reached a little less in uptime, around 99.978% and had 0.022% critical time. However, we’ll continually improve our performance to be better and better again the next months.

See you around again soon for June Uptime record. Thanks for reading.



Words and contents are important aspect when you are writing something; articles, website contents, blogs, newsletters, or even legal documents. You don’t just write anything you want without considering the proper words and the right contents to put in.

However, sometimes some writers or people just find the easiest way to get their job done. There have been many cases of “copying and pasting” habit as it seems to be the easiest way to do. Actually, you should not copy and paste others’ work with the exact same words or contents without paraphrasing it or quoting the original source or author. However, the fact shows that copying and pasting articles writing, website contents, or even legal documents has been common phenomena.

There have been many writers copying and pasting others’ articles to be put in their website without stating the original author or source. There are also website content updaters who just copy and paste others’ websites contents into theirs by searching for similar websites with similar natural ideas, and copying any information they need.

How Worse Can Copying and Pasting Habit Lead to?

For you who still think that there are no bad consequences from this common habit, I will say you are definitely wrong. When the original owners of the contents realize what you have done, they will take necessary action to protect their copyright.

As a start, they might report it to the web host you use or the articles submission websites where it is published that you are taking their copyright without any permission. They have full right to do it as it is theirs and you have done copyright infringement to their work. And then,your accounts or your contents or your articles will be removed permanently and you may get banned too.

Additionally, they can even sue you with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) law or other applicable law over what you’ve done. By that time, you’ll have none to blame for your own fault. So, from now on, consider for thousand times first before deciding to copy and paste anything.


No company can survive without marketing. It is one of the most important path to success. Every company spends some budget for their marketing campaign, either small or big amount. However, no matter how small or big your marketing budget is, you need to learn how to optimize every penny of your marketing budget so that it will not be a waste of money.

Apply Low Cost but High Impact Marketing

Try to estimate and calculate properly your marketing budget. Think of how much do you have to spend in advertising when you want to achieve for like 1000 impressions so that people see or hear about you before they buy your product. Implement Low Cost with High Impact Marketing! With exact calculation and estimation, you can reach it.

Target Your Market Segments

Big marketing budget doesn’t always mean it will be successful. Sometimes, more could be less. It is better to emphasize on potential target segments with solutions that your products offer. Don’t extend your marketing campaign when it cannot attract all viewers or readers. It is better with less but more appealing marketing to potential targets. Selling to the right groups is more effective.

Build Collaboration than competition

When you run and just start a small business with limited physical and financial resources, it is better if you build good alliances with other small businesses in the similar industry with the same nature. This helps you gain strong offering power and potentially opens new distribution chances for you. As everybody knows, two working is better than only one working.

Offer Affiliate or Refferal Program (Word-of-mouth marketing)

People tend to believe people we know, who might have tried the product and are satisfied. These people can recommend to others they know about your product. That’s why you should offer affiliate program and invite all to join as word-of-mouth rarely fails.

Offering some amount of commission to refferal who put their effort on advertising your product won’t hurt your profit. Just remember, the more help you get, the more result you get too. Usual affiliate commission nowadays is between 20% to 40% of total sales your affiliates can get for you.

We all know that crisis is now happening all over the world. Due to that fact, being wise in spending our financial resources is necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be stingy. Just be practical and efficient. This is the right time for you to learn how to optimize the budget you have for marketing.


Nobody doesn’t know online quizzes. They spread everywhere on the net and for you internet browsers, you must have been used to them. Yes, I know they are very fun to take. You can find out your real personality, suitable career, soulmate, etc that I am sure most people are interested to figure them out.

However, behind those funs, have you ever noticed the purposes of the quizzes creators behind the quizzes? Online quizzes are not created not only for your own fun time. There are more than just fun for them. It’s time for you to understand and be conscious about that.


Advertising is the basic reason why someone will create online quizzes. They won’t give you the quizess if they do not want to advertise their products and services to you. With those quizzes they get to know you better, your details, your information, and they will know how to reach you. With your details, they have a way to be connected to you.

For example, there is a quiz that implicitly make you spill out all of your sensitive information such as your family, age, or healthy habits; you then give them answers and when they detect any signs of depression from you, that will lead you to drug or medicine companies.

Many people have experienced this type of advertising. Even, some of my friends experienced it before. They answer questions with details, physical questions like your age, weight, height or emotional ones like what you feel in this kind of situation, what you will do when this happens, and so on. Right after they are processing to the result, all they found are just advertisements links.


Who doesn’t need money? Gaining your data is just the first step. Getting to your money access will be their final aim to achieve. Mostly, they put effort on this by trying to increase your curiosity to receive your online quiz result. They don’t let you know at first that you need to pay for some amount when you start the quiz. You will find out about that by the end of the quiz when you are clicking to get the result.

One of clear examples is the one usually happening with online IQ or personality online quizzes. Everybody is surely interested in knowing their potentials and personalities. Filling your data, answering the questions, processing to the result, and getting no result but requesting you to submit some amount of payment to their accounts so you can have your quizzes result.

It’s true. Maybe there is one or two that is not like that and they will give you the online quizzes result directly. However, the more you answer online quizzes, the more you’ll find out that all I am saying is true. I am not forcing you to believe me. Instead, you just need to prove it yourself.

For me, online quizzes are not fully for our own fun. There is more behind them, which the creators are willing to get from us. So, prepare yourself to face this when you experience it later.