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Search engines are the huge traffic source for your Website,majorly you will get traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing. These all Search engines now following one rule,which is nothing but “Faster Loading Websites are Top on Search index”.Google clearly stated that, it will not going tolerate any slow loading websites.Reason behind this decision is,to give a good website experience to their Search Visitors.So if you really want to increase your Search engines ranking in Google,Yahoo and Bing,you must reduce your Website Load time.

But you have an exception in this, you don’t have to worry about the Website load time when your are in, Because Hostdepartment is having a high perfomance servers and Server Processing time is less than a half second.Don’t you believe it, have a look at this bellow report generated by  Aptimize Website Accelerator which is very famous company for Website Optimization.Here we are taking an example of our clients website  which hosted under No Limit Hosting Plan.This is a Blog which is hosted on WordPress platform,this is a famous blog and having huge number of Visitors everyday.

Please see the complete website load time details screen-shot…..

Hostdepartment Server response and Processing Time

Hostdepartment  Server response and Processing Time

You can see the time under green marking,our Server takes 0.3 seconds to process the entire web page.Now just imagine how fast our servers are,even this website is under Shared Hosting Plan,but still this an example that we never compromise in quality and speed.Apart from Server side,if you want to increase your website load speed follow these bellow instructions.It will definitely improve your rankings in Search engines.

Steps To Increase Website Speed :

  1. Images are very important for Websites,without images website doesn’t look good.But don’t use large file size images,it takes long time to download in a slow internet connection,Use Smushit its a image compression utility provided by Yahoo for free.This will compress your image without disturbing its quality.
  2. Try to use Java-scripts in the Footer Place,exactly bellow to the Body Tag.And also compress your Java-scripts by JavaScripts Compressor.This will decrease the Script execution time.
  3. Try to use Content Delivery Network (CDN),which is used to Parallelize the Downloads across Hostname.Using CDN will increase your website ranking and Load speed.Want to know more about CDN read this Tutorial.
  4. Use external Javascripts,so it will download parallel with the Website from the other network (Just like the CDN).
  5. Compress Style.css or any CSS file using any CSS compressor utility.I recommend this CSS Compressor.This will increase the Design loading time.
  6. Avoid video streaming,always use external video sharing sites like Youtube,Vimeo etc.Use the embed code instead of uploading the

These steps will definitely improve your website Rankings in the Search engines.Additionally if you want to know more about Website Optimization Please see this  Search Engine Optimization Tutorials.

First of all, Happy 4th of July and sorry for the lateness. Now, one day after the greatest day of the US, 4th of July, here I am today to report our June uptime record for both new cluster Premium Hosting performance and the old cluster web hosting. As usual, let me begin with the best first.

Premium Uptime Record

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 100.000% 0.000%
MySQL 100.000% 0.000%
SMTP 100.000% 0.000%
POP 100.000% 0.000%

As you can review in the table above, our Premium Hosting performance for almost all services reached out 100% uptime except the HTTP service, which was about 99.989% ok and 0.011% critical. Based on this report, we believe that we have proven that we have given premium service in our Premium Hosting plans.

Overall, our premium hosting performance reached 99.998% uptime in June 2009 and just had 0.002% critical time due to the regular server maintenance to improve further service.

Regular Web Hosting Uptime

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.989% 0.011%
SMTP 99.989% 0.011%
POP 99.989% 0.011%

On the other hand, our old cluster web hosting reached out 99.989% ok time for all services including FTP, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, and POP and just had 0.011% critical time. This was resulted from the regular scheduled maintenance.

Averagely, as you may have seen in the table, our web hosting service was 99.989%, which was 99.99% when it is rounded off, reaching out the regular standard of web hosting performance. This is of course  still not as good as our Premium Hosting. However, we will not stop to improve providing you better web hosting environment.



As you surely have known, we launched our Premium Hosting service in November 2008 – offering 3 UNIX and 3 Windows plans with the latest technological standards for both UNIX and Windows, all brand new IBM Xseries Blade Server, and fast premium support.

These Premium Hosting has become a hit not long after it was launched. However, there have been some asking, “why can’t you decrease the price? We are not ready to take that price”. As the answer and request to the question, we have two solutions, promo and our new Premium Hosting Lite.

What is Premium Hosting Lite?
Premium Hosting Lite is a “baby” version of Premium Hosting or, smaller but sufficient resources Premium Hosting plans. Premium Hosting Lite consists of two plans, which is one for each platform (UNIX and Windows) – Advance Lite and Business Lite.

These two plans are the babies form of Premium Advance (UNIX) and Premium Business (Windows) that provide you with sufficient resources you can use for your  website needs. You get the same exact features, the same IBM Xseries Blade Server, and the same  quick fix premium support.

All features in Advance and Business Lite include ASP 3.0 , Microsoft SQL 2005, MySQL 5, PHP 5, PERL 5, and AJAX support. For resources, Premium Lite allows one domain hosted, 2 subdomains, 400 MB storage, 50 GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, 1 MS-SQL database (for Windows), and 15 sub-ftp accounts, you can start up a wonderful website of your own with reliable performance.

With Premium Lite, users can start their website with all the features in Premium Hosting and sufficient resources. And when their website grows more and more, upgrade to the “adult” Premium Hosting is always an option when they need much bigger resources.

More on Premium Hosting Lite Grand Launching…

Not only launching the Lite Premium plans, we also give out discount up to 50% to first 500 customers within  seven days. How does it work? See below!

During your first year, there will be incremental discount applied to your 2nd to 12th month hosting. It ranges from 10% in the 2nd month, 15% in the 3rd month, to continuously incremental 5% discount for the next each months. The discount rate reaches up to 50% in your 10th, 11th, and 12th  month.

So what are you waiting for? This offer will not last long as only first 500 customers will receive this benefit. Sign up now before the 7 days period runs out!

See more on our unlimited web hosting plans

In link building, blogs and articles are two of the most important strategies in building link back to your website. You write your blogs and articles, and then you submit them to article submission sites with back links to your original website. However, now the question is, when you blog or write, which one do you prioritize, quality or quantity?


For me, this is significant to prioritize. And I know some other bloggers and writers also say the same, that it is important to maintain quality in your blog or article content. Some people say, “No need to blog and write everyday. As long as you can maintain quality, few a week have been quite enough.” I believe it is definitely true. What’s writing everyday if you just write anything without quality?

I’ve experienced that it is sometimes hard to find a new fresh and interesting topic everyday to write. I am sure that although you cannot make it everyday and just make few in one week, it is still helping you in gaining traffic as long as you write with good quality content.


As some people are sure it is better to maintain quality more than quantity, some others are sure that it is significant to write or blog everyday and submit everyday. They are still sure that the more you have for blogs and articles, the more back links you get to your website, which means the more traffic you drive to your site.

This is not a wrong idea. You can and should write everyday if you are sure that you can still maintain the quality of your blogs and articles. If you are able to do that, then I will tell you that both quality and quantity are important.

What’s Actually My Point?

From all these, I will conclude that the most important in writing and blogging is quality. However, when you can combine both quality and quantity in your articles and blogs, it is always a better idea.


I know that most web hosting companies nowadays offer discount and discount, or coupon and coupon for subscribing their web hosting packages. That is a good idea to help clients to get what they need at an even more affordable price.

However, sometimes I am sure you all must question, “Why is it always like that? Is there no other idea for promo to offer to me?”. And to answer your confusion, here I am to inform you that we have a new offer excluding the discount coupons, special for our glorious 4th of July.

Four Different Coupons

Different than before when we just gave you one coupon to use in our hosting plans, we now offer you four different coupons! Yes, four, just as you read. Four coupons with various of discounts up to 40%.

The first of many is our all brand new Premium Hosting; supported with the all new Blade server, latest technological standards for both UNIX and Windows, plus quick fix customer support that you can get now with 40% lifetime discount off the total price with our coupon “FREEDOM09”

Not only Premium Hosting, we also offer coupons for No Limit plans with various discounts – 10% off for No Limit Website with coupon “ID4”, 25% off for No Limit Developer plans with “UNCLESAM09”, and 30% off for No Limit E-Commerce with “EAGLE09”

Is It just All That?

Well, if it is only that, then what is our difference with others? YOU get more from us. When you subscribe any of our shared hosting plans with one year or more than a year subscribtion, you’ll get 10% cashback for the domain registration fee you purchase.

When you buy our hosting plans for at least a year, you’ll get a free domain of your own. After a free domain you get, you can earn hassle free 10% cashback from the 2nd to 5th domain you register with us, directly transferred to your Credit Card or PayPal account.

Even better, it includes six most wanted domain TLDs such as .com, org, us, info, biz, and net. After you have signed up for a hosting account and purchase a domain, just send an e-mail request to within the first 2 weeks of your hosting sign up date and we’ll cashback 10% from your domain registration fee.

Still think we are the same like others? It is now time for you to prove we are not.