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Setting up your website database is complicated and hard? That means you have to try SQLite. If you are not familiar, let’s have a glance.

What is SQLite?

It is a self-contained, zero-configuration, and transactionalSQLdatabase system that makes your database management simpler and easier than you can ever imagine before. It has mostly all features of SQL92.

Not just stopping there, this system also supports transactional feature with the ACID capability, which stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. It generates the idea that with this capability, nothing can really disturb any database transaction.

This means that even if when there is power failure, operating system crash, or program crash when using SQLite, it will not interrupt the transaction process of database management system and you don’t have to recover any files due to these circumstances. I am sure you will find this brilliant.

What Makes It Better and Simple?

What you have to know first about SQLite is that you have nothing to worry about dizzying database installation that often comes up in your mind. SQLite provides you the easiest way. Zero configuration is required when you set up or install SQLite since it doesn’t need any configuration files to be running.

Using SQLite, there will be no need to tell the system that it is installed, no restarting and no stopping for configuration. It works automatically. Even when power failure or system crash happens, it doesn’t need to recover and will keep running normally as it does. The idea is all about simplicity.

Other database engines may not always be applicable in most platforms (not cross-platform). However, it’s not the way SQLite operates. So far, SQLite has been used for 125 millions copies in Mozilla Firefox, 20 millions installations in Mac OS X computers, 300 millions uses in Skype, also in Unix (Linux), Win32, and WinCE, meaning that it can be copied, downloaded, and used in possibly most ports or systems since it is a cross-platform database system.

Even better, not only in computer, you can also have it in your gadgets such as PDA or other cellular phones that operate with Symbian system and in MP3 players and ipod too. What a practical and portable database engine if I can say.

Additionally, SQLite performs much faster than the usual SQL. In some tests, it has been proved that SQLite 2.76 performs about 10 or 20 times faster than the default PostgreSQL 7.1.3 installation on RedHat 7.2 for most common operations. Other example, in a test between SQLite 2.76 and MySQL 3.23.41, SQLite performs twice faster in most operations. This means that SQLite has better speed than other popular client or server database engine.

The unbelievable excellent features of SQLite make it unbeatable. You better download and install this remarkable tool right away since many possible uses and applications are guaranteed such as for application file format, gadgets database, small to medium sized websites, internal or temporary database, stand-in for an enterprise RDBMS, and many more. Make up your mind now since the new version, SQLite 3.57, is now available and recommended for all users. Trust me, you will never regret.


– Gabrielle Capstick –

For those who are familiar with website monitoring services, I bet you all must know about AWStats, an open source web analytics tool for analyzing data from internet services like web, streaming media, FTP server, or mail with graphical analysis. With AWStats, you can get outstanding benefits since it provides complete reports, analysis, and ready to use features that help perform your site well. Curious about how it helps for your site growth? Have a look at its wonderful features and offers.

Complete Tracking and Full Log Analysis for Your Site

Willing to know how the progress of your site is from time to time? You can check number of visits; visit durations; most viewed, entry, and exit pages; visits of robots, worms attacks, keywords to find your site in search engine, how many times your site is added to favorite bookmarks, and many more by using AWStats monitoring tool. Nothing to worry about losing any site progress that may happen when you use this tool. With the complete analysis, you will know how your site performs and how accessible it is to users whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly visit report.

Checking HTTP Error Pages

Additionally, AWStats monitoring tool is able to check HTTP pages like HTTP error pages including 404,403, 301, 400, 302, 206, 401, etc happening to your website when someone tries to click it. Sometimes users often find these types of error pages and might get confused. By using AWStats, you can know how much these error codes are shown when users visit your website so that you can improve your site for better future performance since you don’t want your users or potential users leave your site forever, right?

With these awesome features, I bet you are now convinced to use it for your site. However, some of you surely still doubt about how to use it well if you don’t know technical skill. On the contrary, I’m sure you don’t want to lose any of these profitable offers just because of technical stuff.

Still Doubting Since You Don’t Know Any Technical Skill?

Proper web log analysis tool configuration and report interpretation surely requires a bit of technical and business knowledge that not all people expertise in the subjects. However, don’t bother about this since AWStats provides us with complete documentation that will guide us clearly about its enormous features, how to set up and configure, and also some interesting topics such as AWStats comparisons with other log analyzer, FAQ, or troubleshooting matter. Even more, AWStats also provides us with user community forum in which all its users can share their knowledge, ask whatever comes to their mind, and get solutions for their problems in using AWStats by communicating with other users and helping each other. You just have to create a forum account and post a thread every time you have inquiries and many will be pleased to help you.

What Should You Do Next?

Considering there are so many genuine pluses AWStats can offer for your site, be sure that it is very profitable for you to use this tool for monitoring your site if your business depends on your site. Don’t waste more time to rethink more since we all know every single second is valuable for achieving your online goals.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

What is in your mind when you hear the term “Green Hosting”? It involves the idea of a new hosting solution that offers hosting service without negative impact towards the environment. Green Hosting makes use of renewable energy and also offsets the carbon use (carbon neutral). Why do you think I strongly suggest this hosting service?

Energy Conservation and Money Saving

Green hosting helps us to save more energy since it uses wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power and bio fuel that can be renewed automatically at any time. We have nothing to worry about running out of energy since they will never run out. By using these resources, we can conserve the non-renewable energy and use it for another beneficial purpose. Moreover, with the usage of these renewable resources, we can save more and cost much less than if we use the non-renewable energy. These clearly make better difference between the non-renewable and renewable energy

Better Living for All Creatures

Additionally, the green hosting service also provides better places to live for all of us since it is carbon neutral and pollution free. Even more, it avoids deforestation that contributes to the cause of flood and the lack of fresh air. As a better option, green hosting promotes more to reforestation by planting more trees that helps to rebuild a good environment and land to live in. With the friendly environmental energy and more tree plantations, green hosting influences the development of better nature.

As an alternative to Solve Global Warming

Global warming has been a great concern of most people in this world these days and it has been increasing widespread recently. Due to this fact, having green hosting will be one of effective alternative solution to overcome the issue. How can it help? Well, one of the green hosting projects is offsetting the usage of combusting methane, which is known to have greater possibility of global warming potential. By offsetting the use of methane, green hosting has helped to reduce the issue of global warming.

The Point Taken is…

By joining the green hosting plan instead of the regular hosting plans, I’m sure we can do much better good that is mutual for us and the environment. The time has come for us to consider not only for our own profit but also for the creatures’ life and the environment too. With green hosting, we prove ourselves to be better humanity.

-Gabrielle Capstick-

Although Google hasn’t started any business in web hosting, I believe they’ll surely succeed and grow significantly when they do. By the time they decide to enter the competition, there could be a serious pendulum shift in their favour. Why?

For starters, web hosting is a promising industry with huge untapped market. So far, only a very small amount is hosted by large web hosts (4-5%) while others are gathered in small or middle hosts (more than 10,000 accounts). What Google has is tons and tons of money to start a web hosting business and expand it into a world class act. Before we know it, Google will be eating up our customers.

There are no major obstacles for Google to get into the business, really. In a web hosting business, as long as you have a web connection, you can easily resell hosting. And, Google have that and more…

Many will eagerly pay to get pay-per-click. Google can easily give up #1 spots on the search list to market a their Web hosting packages. Or simply create new marketing spot above the search results to accommodate it.

To build a great hosting company, you need the skilled staff to provide smooth traffic for the customers; block harmful viruses, worm, and hackers; and maintain the 100% uptime to avoid server downtime. Google has all of them.

A desirable e-mail extension is one of the perks from having your own domain name. Why can Google enter the business? Gmail of course! Although wasn’t flawless, at least Google has mail service. They already have huge amount of e-mail customers, meaning they’re familiar with e-mail management and can promote hosting service to uncountable customers.

Most will only do business with a brand they trust. And, Google *is* a household name.

To counter such an act will require tremendous amount of effort, not to mention, deep enough pockets to offset any marketing campaign made.

Original article: Web Host Crunch

Deciding to expand your business online, you will need to choose the right set of tools. A merchant gateway, solid hosting account, and most of all, an easy to use shopping cart that can handle the massive load without any problems will be significant.

Having existed for almost 8 years, Oscommerce is excellent for online business with its experience plus benefits. Started in March 2000, OsCommerce has a large number of features that can make online business grow well. It has served more than 100,000 members and 12,000 shops, showing that it’s the most powerful, popular, and best known shopping cart.

Why Do You Need OsCommerce?

Numerous payment gateways to choose. It provides not only offline payments like credit cards, checks, money orders (and many more), but also online payments like paypal, ipayment, 2CheckOut, etc. These payment gateways will surely make you not left behind in your online business and customers may choose you more than others since you provide them with many payment gateways they can choose and feel comfortable with.

Not only that, you can use any operating system. No need to bother about whatever operating system you are using since OsCommerce can get along with any operating system whether it is Windows, Linux, or even Macs; very compatible and friendly. This will make things easier for you and your customers. So, why do you reconsider selecting the best shopping cart for your online business?

Sick of complicated steps, you just need very easy and simple set up and installation with OsCommerce. You will find that Oscommerce installation process relieving. Enabling one click installation you can do through cpanel feature and also automatic web browser based installation plus upgrade procedure has made Oscommerce simple and easy to use.

Not convinced yet? Oscommerce also contains some rich features for improving online business. It provides many features that enable you to add unlimited products to your website, provide customizable product catalogues to facilitate you in editing your online store at anytime, let you know if any customer visiting your website, and give you the detail information about orders and shipping.

What’s the Big Deal?

Knowing that online business and shopping cart are inseparable, a beneficial shopping cart like Oscommerce will be a great major influence upon your success and you can attract more customers plus spending your money less. Making it more special, Oscommerce also includes customer/frontend functionality and tax functionality, showing that it’s easier, simpler, and richer.

-Gabrielle Capstick-