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Many have questioned about the importance of a dedicated IP for a website and why if they just use a shared IP. If you are one of them, let me help you make this clearer as “crystal”. Nevertheless, before we move on, shall we begin with the definition first?

Dedicated IP address (also called static IP) means that a website has its own IP address. So this works that either you type in your URL or the IP address number, both will take you to the same domain.

On the other hand, shared IP address means the same IP is shared for multiple websites.  Then, the web servers  will determine which website is being requested by the domain entered in the user’s browser. And if you just type in the IP address, it will bring you only to some kind of generic page instead of the specific site you are requesting.

So What’s the Importance of a Dedicated IP?

Having a dedicated IP is strongly significant, especially, when you have an e-commerce website and have to accept Credit Card payment online that seems too risky if you haven’t ensured the safety. To make it secured, you need to have your own private SSL certificate as a secure e-commerce website must have an SSL certificate to accept credit cards online. And to have private SSL certificate, a dedicated IP is needed. Since you surely do not wish to experience any Credit Card fraud, you will definitely need a dedicated IP.

Another reason to use a dedicated IP is that it is required when you’d like to use anonymous FTP. With anonymous FTP, anyone who uses the FTP software can access files in a special directory of your site. It’s called Anonymous FTP because the user’s name who tries to access remains “anonymous.” Many Web hosting providers require a static IP (dedicated IP) so that the anonymous FTP can function to work properly.

Additionally, what’s better is when your website is inaccessible and you want to access it through FTP or Web browser, you can still do it if you have a dedicated IP even when there is something like domain name propagation periods. You have no need to worry such thing when you use a dedicated IP.

Is There Anything Wrong with Shared IP?

Well actually, there is nothing wrong with shared IP. However, under certain circumstances, using a dedicated IP helps you a little bit more than using a shared IP. For example, when your website shares the same IP address with known spam or adult sites, it may raise a warning flag in search engines. Consequently, some of them may respond by banning the entire IP address from their index.

Of couse, nowadays, search engines are already able to ban anything based on a domain name instead of based on the IP address itself. However, I am sure it is much better that you prepare for precaution by using a dedicated IP for your website. Especially, when your website is a very profitable e-commerce site, which your life and business depend so much on it.

How to Get Dedicated IP?

Most hosts nowadays usually offer dedicated IPs at $2 per dedicated IP to their clients. However, I am gladly telling you that there are hosting companies that already provide free dedicated IPs to their clients. And if you want to save more but get more, I strongly recommend you to get the free ones.

Why do you need to pay for dedicated IPs when you can get them for free?

~Gabrielle Capstick~

Who doesn’t know H-SPHERE? It was released in 1998 by Positive Software, previously owned by Comodo and the ownership has now moved to Parallel since 2007. H-SPHERE represents all the capabilities a Control Panel can do. Many recognize it as the most complete Control Panel of all.

Multi-Server Hosting automation solution

Not all Control Panels support multi server hosting automation in them. However, H-SPHERE doesn’t work the same way. With H-SPHERE, you can have multi server hosting covering both Linux/Unix and Windows platform. When you already support Linux/Unix platform, you have no need to purchase another Control Panel to support Windows. H-SPHERE provides it for you. Additionally, it is also applicable with multiple database servers too, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, ODBC. This will be a perfect solution for you.

Has-Everything-Built-In Control Panel

Another benefit for using H-SPHERE is that you don’t have to bother about using add-ons to complete the features in the Control Panel. H-SPHERE has all the necessary tools built in it – billing system with around 20 payment gateways supported, integrated support center, integrated PHP/MySQL applications, electronic mail system with anti virus plus anti spam filter, and integrated WebMail – covering all you require only with one Control Panel. Forget all the add-ons you may have to add with others.

Multi Language Control Panel (Inbuilt or Integrated)

Originally, H-SPHERE has already built many languages in it – English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese(Brazil). You can use which one that suits your mother tongue and you are comfortable with. However, if your desired language is not any of them, you can integrate the one you want in H-SPHERE.

Secure and Reliable Control Panel

You can also define H-SPHERE as a rock solid control panel if you have installed and configured everything properly. If you seem to find it complicated, there is a good server side documentation onsite to assist you . Using H-SPHERE, you will not find bugs in it compared to other Control Panels. It is very stable or more than stable if I may say.

Overall, H-Sphere has proved to perform as the best and the most complete hosting automation. It is not just another control panel. With H-SPHERE, you have the power to do all you can dream of in a single Control Panel.


Yippie!!! Halloween’s around the corner! Get ready for the spooky Halloween, which is believed as the time when the boundaries between the worlds of the living and dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause some chaos like failed harvest or illnesses. You can celebrate this wonderful occassion with its famous activity, the trick or treat campaign. But don’t worry! We won’t trick you out of your hosting experience with us or do some chaos to your websites. Instead, we’d prefer giving you awesome web hosting deals as a treat for you in Halloween.

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Hey wait! We still have another offer for you, the Addfunds promo, allowing you to earn extra 20 percent hosting credits when you top-up any amount of money into your account. Either domain purchase or billing cycle extension, you can choose which you’d like to do with the extra credits. How? Use Credit Card as your payment, submit your username or account number to us, and let us know how much you want to add. Then, we’ll do the rest and provide you with the additional 20% hosting credit.


So what else are you waiting for? Have some more fun and treat for your Halloween now with our deals!

Green hosting is our ticket to a more natural and healthy environment. Of course it is! This is a famous statement that we hear nowadays in the hosting industry. Everybody wants to claim themselves as a green host. Why? Being a green host will make people consider them as a noble host, doing well for a better living and environment. However, do you think they are all really a green host? To tell you the truth, there are few types of hosts calling themselves “green”.

Using Wind Power and Solar Energy

The first type of a green host is those who build data center and have servers with wind power and solar energy. They run servers with renewable energy. Also, their offices and servers use biogas, solar, wind, or geothermal energy and they also produce their own energy in house. Even further, some hosts have acquired Renewable Energy Certificate, ensuring they run eco-friendly power for their hosting business. For this one, we can really consider them as a good green host as they really use renewable energy to ensure that they keep the environment safe. Moreover, of course that means a good green hosting costs more expensively than the regular hosting.

Tree Planting

However, not all hosts claiming themselves as green hosts doing those stuffs as it is costly. The second type I will share with you now is those preferring to plant more trees to be considered “green”. Planting a tree to offset your carbon use sounds great; however, is there a real value out of it? Of course it is much cheaper and there is a real value somehow. I call it somehow as growing trees are not in an instance. However, it takes years or decades to really get the good effect. For hosts choosing this way, it seems that they just take the easiest and cheapest way for their own credibility.

My Point?

I am not saying that any of them is a bad idea. On the contrary, I am touched that any of us prefer to show their care to the environment where we live now and later. However, it will be very necessary that we also try to analyze whether they really do good for a better living or just try to get credibility for their own business by taking the simplest way only for them. Just look and feel.

~Gabrielle C~

Last time we have discussed about Horde webmail, one of the most powerful and suitable for great number of emails with large size attachments. Now, I’d like to introduce another popular webmail interface that I’m sure many of you are also familiar with.

Simplicity and light interface are the keys of Squirrelmail, suitable for you who are keen of anything simple. That’s what people keep saying about it, also known as nuts mail. But no need to doubt its capabilities in handling emails! This webmail is famous for its customizable ability, spam assassin setting ability, lightness, and newbie friendly features.

Explore the Amazement behind the Simpleness
Being simple is not always being the least. That is what you can prove in Squirrelmail. Although people have defined it as a light webmail, you can still see its awesome performance. The first of many is that it allows you to customize your preferences. This includes customizing your display – themes, mailbox, and message – with the one suiting your choice best. There are many beautiful themes that you can pick based on your liking.

You can also setup how your mailbox will be displayed. For example, how many messages will be shown in one page view. Also, you can edit how your message will look like according to your likeness. Even better, you are also able to customize personal information, including your displayed name and the signature you’d like to use everytime you send email.

Not only customizable, Squirrelmail is also able to setup spam assassin, a brilliant email filtering system that can identify unsolicited bulk emails and filter them as spams. With this ability in Squirrelmail, it is able to filter and reduce the spam emails in your inbox. You don’t need to bother about getting annoying junk emails again.

Moreover, even if you receive the spam emails, the spammers will not be notified for that since Squirrelmail does not contact the sender unless you want it, meaning that they don’t know if your email address is valid. And no worry for viruses. With Squirrelmail, email viruses will never be automatically opened since there is no downloaded attachment unless the download task is activated or clicked.

As another plus, this webmail is also perfect for its lightness and newbie friendly features. It offers you with simple interface which is very friendly for newbie users. Even when you feel you are slow in understanding the features, you can always find the how to guide from the help link at the top of your SquirrelMail screen, the “Table of Contents” link for any information about SquirrelMail. You will have all you need to know about Squirrelmail and no more confusion.

What’s Next?
Don’t let your emails unaccessible! Now that you have known the great features, it will be wasteful if you don’t take the advantages. Have yourself on your computer and browse your emails with Squirrelmail.

-Gabrielle Capstick-