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Spammers have increased greater and greater in number. They always know how to do their “job” well and their strategy keeps improving. As a proof for their improvement, most spammers nowadays abuse free hosting and blogging sites for their spamming activities.

Why Would They Choose the Free Ones and Blogging Sites?

The first and the most important thing is simply because they are free of charge. No money needed to invest as you don’t have to pay for anything. You just need to register and verify your account to start creating your own web pages or emails.

With free hosting or blogging sites, you are also required no domain names to register as they offer you free subdomains to use. Take as an example,, which allows you to have free blogging sites with your very own choice subdomain for your blog like Also have a look at at which you can host free subdomains like You can always begin to develop websites with subdomains.

And for spammers, this will be a great advantage for them as they can avoid being blacklisted or flagged when they use the subdomains only. How come? It is because most free host’s website addresses have legitimate website address that will impossibly be blacklisted and flagged. This will surely make the spammers’ activities run more smoothly.

How Will They Exactly Do It?

To be careful, spammers usually choose free hosts that already have big names such as Yahoo geocities, googlepages, blogspot, etc, which domain names will never be blocked. What they need to do is just registering their accounts and verify the codes or emails to start their website creation.

And as it is very simple to do, the link providers create and maintain as many as free hosting accounts they can have under the spammers’ ownership and the spammers will then use them to redirect to spam websites. No more necessary complicated steps!

And even when the ISPs or hosts or domain resellers themselves take down the spam web pages, the spammers and link providers can update the redirects to another live spam websites. They surely have known how to continue it well. You can never predict when they will stop.

So What Can We Do about That?

Now that we understand how simple and easy it is for spammers to do their job, we must beware of anything that requests for financial data or private information such as your bank, school, investment firm, or whatever that may be benefited by spammers. Just trust me that you dont want to be one of the spammers’ victims.


Web hosting technology keeps developing at anytime. We’ll be left behind if we don’t keep track on it as the progress moves fast. New and old technologies come and go. One of the most popular and the latest IT technologies nowadays is the SAS technology.

What do you know about SAS? Well, on purpose, it’s build for data center operations, to deliver an unbeatable combination of superior performance plus greater data integrity in the system level.

SAS improves drive’s addressability and connectivity by using expander, which enables one or more host controllers to connect to a large number of drives. But there are even more behind it when you explore the capabilities deeper.

Data Integrity Guaranteed

With its End-to-end IT Nexus checking, it will ensure data movement from or to drive is never misdirected. This means it eliminates the key cause of data corruption. Dual ports capability enables fail-over and data recovery in multi-host storage environments. You can feel relieved that your data is always safe at anytime.

Superior in Performance

For performance, there is no need to doubt it. Compared to SATA (Serial ATA), SAS performance is 135% over SATA. It is far greater in speed and has an enhanced RV tolerance in high-density enclosures. The performance you’ll get will be more than you ever expected.

Investment Protected

Seamless SAS connectivity is fully guaranteed. You will save money and integration costs plus reduce service complexity from having to diagnose issues through multiple components in the ecosystem. And what is better is that SAS is compatible with all existing SCSI software and middleware .


There is even more. Being eco-friendly, it uses only 12.5 watts for operation and 9 watts idling. The PowerTrimTM technology reduces power consumption, heat, and energy costs without having to sacrifice the performance itself.

Simple and Compatible

It offers easy enterprise-level management with multi-hosts support that enables up to 16 hosts on drive queue. Seamless SAS connectivity and compatibility with existing SCSI software and middleware are also provided for your ease of use.

Additionally, It is even possible to support up to 1 Terrabyte for capacity seeker applications. You don’t have to worry of running out of resource. It is also designed for 24×7 operation nonstop and can work up to 1.2 million hours.

And last but not least, its hot-swappable drives and simple four-wire cabling make serviceability quick and easy. Reliability is fully guaranteed here. You cannot find anything better. So get it now!


As it has been done for the last two months, we are now here again to report completely our uptime fact in December 2008. Averagely, the uptime record has been listed as below:

Service % Time OK % Time Critical
FTP 99.98% 0.02%
HTTP 99.99% 0.01%
MySQL 99.29% 0.71%
SMTP 99.29% 0.71%
POP 99.28% 0.72%


Averagely, for FTP service, we reached 99.98% uptime, meaning that we had 0.02% critical time. This was 0.01% less than guaranteed and we apologize for the inconveniences that might have been caused. The critical time was caused by schedule maintenance in our server.


Our website service (HTTP) uptime fact in December 2008 meets the uptime guarantee of 99.99%. There was only 0.01% critical time as estimated in the uptime guarantee. And we proudly inform that we met the reliability standard here.


Unfortunately, our MySQL, SMTP, and POP service in December showed a little below the standard guarantee. MySQL and SMTP reached out 99.29% okay time in the server averagely while our POP service was around 99.28% up.

This means that we had about 0.71% critical time for MySQL and SMTP. Furthermore, there was 0.72% critical time for the POP service. We realize this must have been an awful situation for your website. We are really sorry and apologize for the inconveniences as the regular scheduled maintenance affected the server.

However, we constantly improve our service in each moment and our admins are always there to help out. We will never let you down and we will never do nothing to improve as customer satisfaction has been our first priority since we started. Thank you once again for your loyalty and attention.


Christmas brings all joy to the world. Gifts sharing, family gathering, Christmas tree and songs, and the holy atmosphere are around. People share affection and presents to their loved ones. Euphoria is all Christmas takes to us.

That is also what we do, sharing affection to our beloved ones, you, in this blessing Christmas. As maybe some have known, we have released our “XMAS20” coupon for our Premium Hosting plans as our Christmas gift so that you can subscribe our Premium Hosting with 20% off the hosting price.  So no worries you can’t afford to subscribe anymore!

Premium Hosting allows you to get the latest technological standards – MySQL5, PHP5, PERL5, Ruby On Rails, MS-SQL 2005, Cold Fusion 7.0, ASP 3.0, .NET 3.5 – plus a new brand server of IBM XSeries Blade Server, and Quick Fix Customer support to solve issues. These are only for you and just you.

Completing the excitement of Christmas is the coming new year 2009, bringing us all the new hopes for a better improvement. New year is the time when we ring out the old year and welcome the coming year with open arms, eyes filled with new dreams, and heart full of new expectations.

And as the year goes by, we have been one of the most trustworthy web hosting companies and will keep doing so. We review our service and improve by updating our features, offering reliability with rock-solid server performance, and enhancing our customer service for you.

Through the upcoming new year of 2009, we’ll learn from our past, fix our mistakes, and be an even dreamier web host for you. We evaluate your needs, investigate what is still lacking from us, and learn how to satisfy you further for your website needs.

To be where we can be the one and the only for you, we’ll accept any suggestions or any valuable feedbacks from you so we can continue to offer profitable web hosting deals for you all. We also thank you for your choice to be with us, giving us the chance to prove that we are the best web host ever. Merry Christmas 2008 and Happy New Year 2009! May the warmth and wishes surround you throughout Christmas and New Year. See you in 2009…

~Gaby C~

Web hosting industry has been an incredible money maker nowadays. As long as internet exists, web hosting will be money making machine for you. However, do you really think you can succeed in this business if you have no experience and enough capital yet? Well no worries, there’s a profitable option as a start up. Be a web hosting reseller! You can keep on going your current work if you have one and web hosting business at the same time. Only few dollars of investment needed.

Why Should You Really Start from Reseller?

Starting it all, as I have mentioned earlier, being a web hosting reseller doesn’t require you to invest thousands of dollars in the business. You need only few or tens of dollars as your budget to begin with. If you open your own web hosting company, you have to buy your own data center, server, license, etc that seem too much for any beginner to start. You want to get more cash, but in fact, you just spend more than you need at the beginning. While on the contrary, with a reseller package, you spend less but receive more than you expect.

Being a reseller becomes a good start when you seem you’re just a web hosting newbie. You have no experience and still get lack of knowledge to really open your own web hosting business. Reseller hosting will be your “light in the darkness”. You get your own dedicated reseller specialist to help you when there are issues with your reselling. You are not alone! Hand in hand with the dedicated reseller specialist, there will be a reseller guide in a reseller package to help you out. Your reseller hosting provider won’t leave you by yourself. Help is always available.

Even better, although you are a reseller, you can perform as your own company brand. Most reseller hosting providers offer white label reseller, meaning that you will stand on your own brand. Create your own brand name and your reseller provider will stay undetected and hidden. When your end customers are satisfied with your web hosting service, you are the one accepting all the awards and respects. And the incredible revenues will come to “inhabit” in your bank account only, not your reseller provider.

By the time you have reached successful progress in reselling, been sure you want to get fully involved in web hosting industry and realized that reseller program is no longer suitable, you will always have the chance to really start your real own web hosting company. However, when you are sure you still start from zero in web hosting, reseller package is always highly recommended.