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Names sound to be a very simple that doesn’t really mean much. But wait, doesn’t it? It does. It is simple but very meaningful actually. And it even becomes more meaningful when the names have relation to your business or any important stuffs in your life. Let’s say, a domain name for example.

Domain name is your name in online world, very important if you have business online. You will want to have your domain names easily remembered so people are able to visit and visit it again. That means you have to create the right domain names for your website. But how to make sure it is the right one?

Get the Idea of What Your Website Is All about
This is what you need to understand first. Try to know what the concept of your website is, the purpose, and the solution that you offer to your visitors. These will give them clear descriptions of what they are going to find in your website.

For example, our domain name,, clearly states what is in there. There is the concept of web hosting, the purpose of providing web hosting products and services, plus offering the right solution in web hosting. That’s why we name it Host Department.

Make it Short and Catchy
Remember not to make a long sentence for your domain name. You don’t want to have a very long domain name like or that I am absolutely sure only barely number of people remember. Just make it short but effective. Another thing to keep in mind is being catchy – another important factor to consider when registering a domain name.

However, don’t get catchy in the wrong and silly way. Be careful not to make mistakes that your domains sound like exposing something embarassing when they actually should have looked good. For examples: Pen Island – who registers their domain as; Who Represents – registering their domain as; PowerGen Italia – which domain is registered as; and some others that make you think what was in their thoughts when they register the domains.

Avoid Similarity and Trademark Violation
Before registering the domain name, pay attention and check first if the domain you choose will be any similar to any of your competitors’ domains. You want to be recognized as you, not as anybody else. For example, when there is already a domain name like, better not have similar one like as it will confuse your visitors.

Additionally, if there is good reputation that you’ve gained, visitors who do not really know you will think it is the other one’s reputation. Worse, if there is any bad reputation that the other domain gets, people might be misled that it is your own reputation. Be unique.

Last but not least, do not steal someone’s trademark just to get traffic or good name from public. Register a domain name which trademark hasn’t been owned by anybody as you can be sued for trademark infringement or violation! Ensure that you build your own trademark.

For example, as we have owned, nobody else should try to register any domain name under our trademark in any domain extensions like,, etc as we can take further legal action regarding trademark violation.

So, it is time for you to create the best domain name online that people will keep remembering and visiting more and more. Good luck!


I have written few about cybercrimes to show they have been a more and more global issue these days. Let’s say domain scamming, TOS violation, cybersquatting, or others! They are no longer new stuffs to happen. What is worse is with the economic crisis currently happening, the number of cybercrimes keep increasing in different ways.

Why Does Cybercrimes Take Place?

Previously, cybercrimes happened just because the cyber criminals liked to attack or damage with no other purpose than destruction or disruption of someone’s computer. They only had the will to cause malicious destruction to others.

However, the purpose now has changed a little. Since the economic crisis has happened during the last one year, the purpose is more for cash. How is it so? It can be caused from that people with good knowledge in the industry were laid off from their job. This means they have no money to earn their living and they have more time. It can result on doing things to get cash or money, even in the bad way.

What Can Cybercriminals Do to the Online World?
The most possible feared threat that could happen to the internet world is the threat to security. This can happen like the spread of computer viruses. One that is popular now is the Conficker Worm (virus), that is known to have attacked millions computers around the world for the last few months, Until now, there is no clear clue about the real purpose of the Conficker.

The Conficker is a self-replicating program that takes advantage of networks or computers which is not not kept updated with Windows security patches. It can infect machines from the Internet or by hiding on USB memory sticks that carry data from a computer to the others. So, you can see how powerful but dangerous it is.

How to Deal with This?
Honestly, there hasn’t been any idea to stop or prevent cyber or computer security attack completely other than being careful and installing the latest or the best security software. For the Conficker itself, Microsoft has free Malicious Software Removal Tool to detect and remove Conficker. Additionally, security firms such as Trend Micro, Symantec, or F-Secure provide Conficker removal services in their websites. These will protect you from the damaging effect.

Seeing that cybercrimes keep growing in strategies and number, we should be aware and protect ourselves from the worst.


If you visit many websites online, almost every websites nowadays has RSS feeds – Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are very useful to update your web content such as your blogs or articles. It is one of the best ways to get your web content updated and make them available for the readers.

This means your readers will keep updated when there is something new about your websites. Additionally, it is based on XML(extensible markup language) format. Using this format, that will make it very easy to spread to all over the web.

What You Can Gain from RSS Feeds
By using RSS Feeds, both search engines spiders and users are able to read updated information from your website in a very easy way. Consequently, this will result on getting good ranking in search engines. Even better, this helps you to update your web content very easily when there is no extra work needed at your part. With this ability, RSS feeds help you to get more traffic and backlinks from it if you keep updating with good and quality articles, blogs, or posts for your readers.

As everybody knows, RSS feeds are useful for blogs or articles. When you use RSS feeds, it is one of the best ways to promote your blogs online. And when more people subscribe to your blogs, your blogs will get better exposure on the online world as spiders check routinely if your website content is updated constantly using RSS.

Besides, RSS offers you another effective way to deliver your blogs or articles or newsletters to subscribers. Why? It is because some people are already annoyed to subscribe and receive email newsletters since they’d like to avoid spam. However, they are still okay to subscribe to newsletter, articles, or blogs supplied by RSS feeds. So, it’s time for you now to set up RSS feeds for your website.

How to Receive those Benefits
To get you receive all the benefits mentioned above, it is very simple. You just need to submit your RSS feed to many popular and well-known directories with high traffic for better performance because many people visit them. When there are many people visiting them, there are greater possibility of people subscribing and reading your RSS feeds.  To find these directories, have no worry as there are many directories that accept RSS Feeds. You’ll get your readers from those.

There is no time to wait any longer if you want to succeed in online world. Set your RSS feeds now!

Previously, I talked about possible federal crime that might happen in online world, especially when you do not really pay attention to TOS you agree during registering an account in a website. Today, I’d like to discuss about another crime that also grows in online world, Cybersquatting – involving trademark infringement/violation.

Cybersquatting is actually also recognized as domain squatting, which is the act of registering or using a domain name owned by another party (person or organization) with bad intention to profit from the already well-known trademark. The cybersquatter usually tries to sell the domain to the person or company who owns the trademark at an inflated price (the prices are a lot higher).

What Are The Cybersquatters’ Strategies?
The first tactic is known as typosquatting – registering various domain names under popular trademarked names. Or, if the domain names have been registered, cybersquatters will wait until the domains have expired and if the owner doesn’t directly register yet, they will register the domain names so that the domain names become theirs.

Besides, cybersquatters also have another techniques called name-jacking – purchasing any famous individual’s name as second level domain names. And then, they will set up a website that allows them to capitalize on any searches done for that name. That means everytime internet browsers search for that name, they will find the cybersquatters’ website.

Usually this can happen to well-known people such as famous doctors, lawyers, financial professionals, actors, actresses, singers, or even real estate agents; whose jobs usually require interaction with the public in general. Why? It is because their potential clients will do some research on the internet about them before trying to contact them to do some business or jobs.

So, if the famous names have been name-jacked, when cybersquatters purchase a domain like for example, the website will appear at the top lists of any searches for those famous people. This is clearly smart but cunning strategy because name-jacking is a very low cost traffic strategy and it will reduce the traffic to the name owner ‘s real website too.

How to Deal with These Cybersquatters?
Cybersquatting has been a common phenomenon in the internet. However, there have been some laws to take care of these cybersquatting issues. One of those is Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), which was legalized in November 1999. This ACPA inlcudes a policy in which cybersquatters must pay fine up to $100,000 for each domain name to be found under violation.

Besides, there is also Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy (UDRP) process that was developed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). With this policy, cybersquatters are assigned charge up to $2,000 to $3,000 in costs and fees around $10,000 or more. Usually, they will choose this one cause it sounds quicker and cheaper.

Not only that, there is also the international United Nations copyright agency called WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) that has been founded since 1999 – providing an arbitration system that allows the trademark holders to attempt to claim a squatted site.

With these policies, they will help us to fight with these cybersquatters for violating our trademarks and copyrights. So, let’s protect what we own with the best effort from now on as these cases keep growing in number and will keep doing so if we do not do something about them.


Hello There! Just few months ago, we improved our affiliate program by perfecting the commission payout scheme. Do you still remember what that is? If it is almost out of our memory, the best thing to do now is to refresh the idea once again.

Recapping – our earlier Affiliate Program allowed commission payout after the new customers from the sales made by our affiliates confirmed to us that they did buy through the affiliates’ websites. However, we found that it is too hassling for our affiliates who’ve spent their time and provided some space for us in their websites to promote our products and services.

That is why we tweaked the scheme much better. No more confirmation needed from the new customers for affiliates to receive their commissions. Right after 45 days of the sales date, affiliates’ commissions of 25% from total web hosting sales are directly cashed out (minimumly $10) to affiliate PayPal account.

What More Have We Improved Recently to Move a Step Further?
Continuing from what we did to improve our Affiliate Program, we have now used the latest version of our Affiliate tracking tool, to ensure that everything runs perfect for our affiliates. Yes, we happily announce that we have upgraded our Affiliate tracking tool (IdevAffiliate) into version 6, with better features and reliability.

With version 6, affiliates can have better marketing features and more accurate statistics about commission and traffic statistics generated from the affiliates’ websites. The marketing features are also complete and help the affiliates to be able to generate sales better, meaning that to get them more commissions from the sales.

The marketing features include the various attractive banners with various designs and sizes that affiliates can use and place in their websites to attract more potential buyers to purchase Host Department products from their websites. The step is really easy as they just need to copy and paste the banners’ html codes in their websites.

There are also text ads that contain influencing words about Host Department quality products. Using these text ads, affiliates will be able to advertise our products with the right and suitable marketing words. Affiliates can copy and paste the text ads linking codes to integrate in their websites.

Additionally, there are also email templates that affiliates can use to offer Host Department products to their friends, families, or relatives. We have provided the right templates for affiliates to use if they’d like to offer our products to people they know through emails.

With these features included, IdevAffiliate 6 will be the most powerful and helpful tracking software for affiliates to be able to achieve more sales and commissions. So what are you waiting for? With better tool provided and huge amount of commission offered, joining Host Department Affiliate Program will be a success for you.