Marketing through internet(Online Marketing) is the growing and amazing form of marketing which reaches millions of people and it speaks about your business. Internet marketing also has another form of marketing apart from SEO which is called an “Email Marketing”.

Yes, Email marketing.Email Marketing is all about  sending commercial emails to a group of email addresses i.e., people. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way of marketing which directly reaches people’s inbox. In email marketing usually a list is created, then according to the customer’s interests and information , the related emails will be sent. This helps in gaining trust and also in increasing sales.

There are many forms of email marketing like Welcome emails for new Clients, Update 0Notification Emails, Discounts and Offers Emails, New Product Launch Emails etc. For example: Let us take Google as an instance,as soon as we register for a goole account,Google sends a Welcome email followed by a gmail tour email. In the same way Google sends Emails when there is an update in the product, if there is any Offer and Discounts in the products related to the client, If a new product is launched, a trip to view all other products other than the one that client has bought etc.

One point that should always be included in your every email is that,each email sent should contain company’s information at the bottom. It helps the customer in learning more about the company and also may have a look at other products. There should also be one Option saying “To get more emails related to the product and updates click here” . Why this option? This is very necessary as all the clients may not be willing to get frequent updates and may not be interested in that.
Without their permission if emails are sent frequently they may mark the email as spam. In order to avoid it, better to take permission and then send  Emails.

Content in the Emails: Always be specific about the content written in the email as the main objective of email marketing is to let people know about your products and updates, so when writing content keep in mind that the words written in the content should be very polite and do not write the information which is already known to the client, directly come to the point by giving him the knowledge which will be helpful for him/her in learning your new product or Offers/Discounts or any other updates. Avoid long and time consuming content.

Sending Emails to many addresses is not so easy and it is time consuming too. This time can be saved by using a software called email marketing software which helps in sending bulk emails at once. There are many types of email marketing softwares with many features, it differs from one type to another but the basic features that are included in all email marketing softwares are
1.Creating list of Email addresses
2.Framing your Email
3.Sending bulk Emails

According to the recent survey it has been noticed that not all the Emails sent reach the client’s inbox. It is said that at most 80-83% of emails sent reach Client’s inbox where as remaining 17-20% of emails either go missing or into Junk/Spam. Now obviously the ability of emails reaching the client’s inbox is pretty challenging.

statistics on how emails reach to the customers

Be Aware: When sending bulk emails be careful, before sending make sure or check for email existence as it is very important because if an email is not existing then email sent will be bounced back. Too many bounces from an account and spam marked account will be suspended and you can no longer send emails to the Clients using that account.

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