Linux Operating System:

It is an operating system assembled under the model of open source software development and mostly used for server purpose. It supports a dozen of programming languages like C,C++,JAVA,PHP and many more.

Host Department Linux Hosting plans


  • Low cost: You need not spend much money to obtain license as its softwares come from GNU General Public License. You can also download high quality software whenever you want, free of cost and you need not worry that your program may stop due to trail version. You can also install it in  many computers without paying.
  • Performance: Linux provides high performance on workstations and on networks. It also helps in making old computers  sufficient and usable again and also can handle many users at a time.
  • Stability: You don’t have to reboot periodically to maintain performance. It can handle large number of users and does not hang up or slow down due to memory issues. Continuous up time upto a year or so is common.
  • Flexibility: It is used for high performance applications, desktop applications and embedded applications. You can save disk space by installing components required for a particular use. You can restrict specific computers instead of all computers.
  • Security: The security aspect of the linux is very strong as it is very secure and it is less prominent to viruses, even if there is an attack there would be immediate step taken by the developers all over the world to resolve it.
  • Choice: Choice is one of the greatest advantage of Linux. It gives the power to control every aspect of the operating system. Main features that you have control is look and feel of desktop by Windows Manager and  kernel.


  • Understanding: To become familiar with Linux you need to have a lot of patience and desire to read and explore about it.
  • Software: Linux has a limited selection of available softwares.
  • Ease: Even though Linux has improved a lot in ease of use but windows is much easier.
  • Hardware: Linux doesnot support many hardware devices.

Windows Operating System:

windows hosting plans from host department

      It is family of operating system from Microsoft. If programming languages such as Visual,, Visual C#, Visual C++ are used then it is better to opt windows hosting.


  • Ease: Microsoft Windows has made much advancement and changes which made it easy to use the operating system. Even though it is not the easiest, it is easier than linux.
  • Software: Since there are more number of Microsoft users there are more software programs, games and utilities for windows. All most all games are compatible to windows, some CPU intensive and graphic intensive games are also supported.
  • Hardware: All hardware manufacturers will support Microsoft windows. Due to large number of Microsoft users and broader driver, all the hardware devices are supported.
  • Front Page Extension: When using a popular web design program having windows hosting makes it lot more easier. You don’t have to worry if it supported or not.
  • Development: If you plan to develop windows based applications then windows platform is most suggested as linux does not support windows applications.



  • Price: Microsoft windows is costly compared to Linux as each license costs between $50.00-$100.00.
  • Security: When compared to linux it is much more prone to viruses and other attacks.
  • Reliability: It needs to be rebooted periodically else there is a possibility of hang up of the system.
  • Software Cost: Even though the windows have softwares,games for free most of the programs will cost more than $200.

Conclusion: Both Windows and Linux Hosting have advantages and disadvantages. Based on your requirements you need to opt which hosting suits better.

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