User friendly website is nothing but a website which is accessible, easy and comfortable for a user to operate. The main reason for making a website user friendly is it helps in increasing traffic for your website, which in turn leads to improvement of your site ranking. Making a website attractive is not enough to attract the people if the usability is not good then the visitor will return and go to your competitor’s site. Just visiting and leaving the site in few seconds, this kind of traffic is no good use. So making a website user friendly is very important as your website is the face of your business especially if it is an online product purchasing company.

Is your website user-friendly? Here are the 6 simple points to make your site better and user-friendly.

Loading Time:

This is one of the most important points because in this busy world no one has time or patience to wait for a page to load if it is taking more than 4-5 seconds. If your website takes time to load the visitor will not wait for the page to load and will never visit again, instead he will move to another site which loads faster that is to your competitors site. The flashes and pictures in the site may be more attractive but they lead in loading the page slow, so try to make a simple website with less number of pictures and avoiding unnecessary HTML codes. Using a proper valid HTML and CSS is also very important to load webpage fast.


This is an important point that should not be overlooked. The font size and color, paragraph is important as it should be readable for the person comfortably even from a little distance away from the screen, the font color should be contrast for background color and paragraphs should be clear and distinguish properly. And also the content of the article should be scan able. When a user visits a website they will not have patience to read the whole content from top to bottom, they just go through the content and check for key points to see if it of their use. Hence highlighting key points, using different font sizes and colors make the content readable and comfortable for the user.

 Simple Navigation:

Navigation plays a vital role in the website. It is always recommended to use simple words like “Home”, “About”, “Blog” and the user should be indicated where he will be taken. There should always be a facility to go back to home easily wherever the user is. It should also indicate where the user is, usually websites indicate by highlighting the button through which they are in that page. There should always be search functionality because if there are many articles the user cant scroll all n search for it. So, by using search functionality it makes easy for the user to search for what he needs. If there are many options for a product it is a very good practice to use a drop down of the options. An important thing to remember is always use simple words and keep navigation simple and easy.


When making a website make sure that your website is accessible in all the browsers, mobile and screens of all sizes. It should also be accessible for disables like elderly people, blinds and physically handicapped as these people usually use screen readers which interpret what is written on the screen.

Mobile Compatibility:

Since these days all the browsing of websites is done using mobiles, it is very important to make your website mobile compatible. This can be done using responsive web design, which is nothing but your website is designed such a way that it fits exactly to the screen of any size giving whole view of the website. Many site now are using responsive web designs as it helps in increasing traffic due to increase in percentage of users browsing in mobiles.

Error Handling:

Proper error handling at the time of coding keeps the website bug free.  Also  while coding for an online application make sure you give proper error messages, even if the user while filling the form makes some error it should be clearly shown on the screen where the user has gone wrong. This makes website user friendly.

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