Now-a-days responsive web design has become a trend in this digital world. Generally when you browse a website in your mobile you cannot see the whole website at a glance, you need to zoom and move it to right, left, up and down to have a whole view of website, this kind of website is not said to be a responsive website. A responsive web design is nothing but a website is designed such a way that the whole screen of the website fits in any digital device screen of any size that may be a tablet or a mobile/smart phone.

Why do we need it?

Due to growing technology, mobiles and tablets are more preferred to PCs and MACs as they are easy to carry anywhere at any place. If a person needs information about a particular thing immediately the first thing that is available for them to browse is a mobile or a tablet. When a person is browsing for some information, even if your website contains all the details for which person is searching then, if your website is not responsive the person tends to check another website which is more easy to operate and convenient i.e., to your competitors website whose site may be responsive and user friendly. It also reduces the cost of making different websites for different devices and makes your website user friendly as most of the people use their smart phones to search for the content.

How does it work?

These site are fluid grids that means the page and elements sizing in proportions rather than pixels . In this elements are sized by proportions i.e., if there are three columns/rows, according to the size of page these columns/rows are coded as their size should be some x% of page, y% of page and z% of page. For an instance if you want row to be small , you can give row to be 20% of the page, column as 30%, image as 50%.

In this images are also resized into units. Flexible images allow us to adopt images / videos and upload them differently on different devices by scaling or CSS overflow property. CSS is considered to be most easy and simple way to implement both images and videos. Scaling can also be done by cropping the image using CSS. But the most advisable way is to use less number of images or no images.

 Advantages of responsive web design:

  • Only one site has to be developed common for all devices. By doing this you can indirectly save money as well as time. Otherwise you would spend a lot money in making different website for different devices.
  • By using responsive web design you need not worry about which device is coming into the market and you may have to make another site compatible to it. Responsive site gets exactly fixed in all kinds of devices.
  • It gives user a better user experience because it is more convenient for person to browse a website to which they are used to operate.
  • Social sharing is one of the most important thing to that helps in expanding your business. When someone shares a link on a website from a computer, the browser may not be able to open the link in mobile but by using responsive site this problem can be avoided.
  • It gives good SEO as there is only one url for all kind of devices, the  SEO does not get diluted with different urls and indirectly improves SEO ranking for website.
  • Due to only one url for the website the website tracking becomes very easy.

Disadvantages of responsive web design:

  • It takes longer time to load on the mobile.
  • The initial development of a responsive web design takes much time and it is also easy to make a new responsive website rather than making an old website to responsive website.
  • As it is a new concept there are unfamiliar problem related to it.
  • As responsive website takes the users through same site in all devices, but the fact that people behave different to different devices like people prefer  just browsing and learning information about the products through mobiles and tablets and do the buying of the product using laptop and computer.
  • Since it is  a new concept there are many limitations because there are some problems for which there is no solution yet.


Responsive web design has both advantages and disadvantages. When creating a responsive website make sure that the person creating has a great knowledge about web technologies and web designing as it needs lot of experience and many bugs may go unnoticed which may create a major problem in future. It is a good strategy but not the ultimate one since it has some  bugs within it.

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