What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting – Buying a reseller hosting plan and starting your company that sells web hosting to end users.

Longer Definition of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting includes selling any type of web hosting but usually refers to smaller hosting companies that buy one reseller hosting plan and then setup a hosting company to sell hosting to other people. Even big companies who have thousands of servers are doing the same thing as the small guy just on a larger scale.

Advantages of Starting A Hosting Company

– Recurring revenue…
– Huge market as everyone needs a website
– Easy to find a niche with little or no competition.
– Small hosting companies CAN compete with large ones.

Example of Making Money With Reseller Hosting:

You buy a reseller web hosting package with 50 GB disk space and 150 GB bandwidth. You then break this into 50 separate accounts with 1000 MB disk space and 3000 MB bandwidth each and then you sell these smaller packages to your customers. So if you sell each of these packages for $10.00 dollars a month you would be making $500.00 and your only cost is the reseller web hosting package which cost $24.95 a month. So your total profit would be $470 a month. To summarize, reseller web hosting is the act of buying a large web hosting plan or dedicated server and then breaking it into smaller parts to resell to your clients. This definition is rather simple but you now understand the basic meaning.

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