You are aware that HostDepartment has launched VPS Hosting Plan some time ago. HostDepartment LLC provides Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting We want to share about what actually VPS is and what it offers from scratch.

Definition of VPS Hosting

VPS web hosting is among the most flexible and adaptable, web hosting solution on the market. It can be used for virtually any web hosting purpose that you think of and, in addition, it comes with quite a reasonable value. It has one of the most widely used web hosting support, although the majority of individuals still consider the hosting that is shared accounts as the best hosting service to choose. This article intends to explain what the VPS hosting actually is, what it has to offer and what its benefits and weak points. Therefore, let’s begin with the most frequently asked question-

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is also referred to as a Virtual server, or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), although the last term isn’t that popular since it is not really entirely correct. The VPS can be described as a virtual system, which goals for imitating the actual capabilities and the options that come with an actual dedicated servers. This kind of systems are created simply by certain web host software, which divides the server’s hard drive in to different partitions and installing a separate operating-system on each of them. Each partition is assigned a particular, fixed, percentage of the actual server’s processor. The end result, tend to be multiple virtual machines, who have their own, completely independent hosting guidelines and individual os’s. Since there are multiple Virtual private server accounts hosted within the same physical server, the service cannot be referred to as a virtual committed hosting server, as it is not actually committed. You will still be discussing the server web-sites, however, unlike the actual shared web hosting packages, the actual VPS accounts usually do not interfere with one-another, even when hosted within the same server. To put it easy, a VPS consideration cannot be suspended regarding overloading the web host, since it may only use as much CPU as it is assign to it. As it cannot exceed which limitation, it cannot place the other accounts in danger by overloading the web server itself. Therefore, it is indeed a private server, which offers much of the features of a dedicated machine. Most importantly, since each and every VPS has its own, totally independent, operating system, with the ability to offer its person full root accessibility, or in other words, when you have a VPS consideration, you will be able to modify and also alter the VPS’s system data files and settings within whichever way you like, thus allowing you to sponsor practically anything on your account.

Why moving to a VPS account?

There are many reasons why one should choose a VPS service, instead of a shared web hosting account. The first reason is privacy. As mentioned, virtual servers do not interfere with one another, unlike shared web hosting packages, where if one account generates too much CPU load, or traffic, it could bring the whole server down, which will, of course, result in all the websites hosted on that server to experience downtime. In addition, since the VPS has its own completely private operating system, the user can actually make alterations to the server’s settings and by that- take advantage and make use of features which are otherwise unavailable on shared web hosting accounts. The second reason is performance. It is a fact that websites perform much better, when hosted on virtual private servers. This is again, due to the two already mentioned reasons- the private features that the VPS system has and the root access, which allows for the user to customize the server settings and suit them especially for the needs of the hosted website. Also, each VPS has its own dedicated IP address, which helps for website indexing by search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. The third reason, for switching to a VPS hosting service, is the pricing. Contrary to the public belief, VPS services are actually rather cheap(Linux VPS Hosting starting @$13.95) and can indeed be considered as a more budget hosting solution. It is true that a few years back, virtual private servers were one of the more expensive types of web hosting. Today, however, due to the great competition on the web hosting market, VPS accounts are almost the same price as the shared hosting packages.

Additional IPs

By default, each VPS has its own dedicated IP assigned to it. However, in order to improve the performance and the security of the server, you may actually purchase a second IP. The point is that you can create your own private name servers from your domain name, for instance if you own, then you will be able to register and You can then point the name servers to the two IPs that you have and by that add to the privacy which the VPS itself already provides.

Additional RAM

In some cases, especially when hosting multiple websites all of which generate a lot of traffic, you may find yourself in a situation where the amount of RAM that’s assigned to your VPS becomes insufficient. This will not cause website downtime, but the websites themselves will work slower. In such cases, instead of upgrading to a higher VPS plan, you can simply purchase additional RAM.


Even without the additional services, the VPS hosting still remains one of the best web hosting solutions, available on the market today. If you wish for your website to develop in an environment, free of the annoying limitations of the shared hosting accounts, then the virtual private server is just the service for you.



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