There are many aspects of website security. One such aspect is password which is overlooked by many of us. Internet security is based on weakest link principle and that weakest link could be your password which hackers may use to hack your site. If you have secure password then you need not worry about hackers.

Host Department LLC. suggests you to keep your password as strong as possible, don’t reveal it to any one, change your password regularly, always log out in case you use a shared system.

There are a number of dos and don’ts when creating and managing your passwords, but there are some basics guidelines you can follow.

  • Use both upper- and lower-case letters
  • Incorporate numbers or punctuation marks
  • Use at least one of these special characters: ! @ # $ % * ( ) – + = , < > : : “ ‘
  • Make it at least 8 characters long.
  • A strong password does NOT, in any way, use your personal information, such as name, phone number, Social Security number, birth date, address or names of anyone you know.
  • Come up with something you can remember easily, but would be virtually impossible for anyone else to guess.
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