After reading our article about SOPA most of our customers have appreciated for not being a company like Godaddy. To even more clear you about SOPA, we are writing on why we are against of SOPA ?.

Our answer is we must oppose SOPA, because it was not written by people who fundamentally misunderstand how the web works. They understand all too well, and want to change it forever.

Behind the almost unreadable (yet truly scary) text of SOPA (and its Senate doppelganger, PIPA, or the Protect Intellectual Property Act) is a desire, likely fueled by powerful media conglomerate backers, to take us all back to the thin-pipe, content-distribution days of 1994. And this is the reason we should stop it to move further, get away from the companies like Godaddy which supports the SOPA act.

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