First of all, Happy 4th of July and sorry for the lateness. Now, one day after the greatest day of the US, 4th of July, here I am today to report our June uptime record for both new cluster Premium Hosting performance and the old cluster web hosting. As usual, let me begin with the best first.

Premium Uptime Record

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 100.000% 0.000%
MySQL 100.000% 0.000%
SMTP 100.000% 0.000%
POP 100.000% 0.000%

As you can review in the table above, our Premium Hosting performance for almost all services reached out 100% uptime except the HTTP service, which was about 99.989% ok and 0.011% critical. Based on this report, we believe that we have proven that we have given premium service in our Premium Hosting plans.

Overall, our premium hosting performance reached 99.998% uptime in June 2009 and just had 0.002% critical time due to the regular server maintenance to improve further service.

Regular Web Hosting Uptime

Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.989% 0.011%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.989% 0.011%
SMTP 99.989% 0.011%
POP 99.989% 0.011%

On the other hand, our old cluster web hosting reached out 99.989% ok time for all services including FTP, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, and POP and just had 0.011% critical time. This was resulted from the regular scheduled maintenance.

Averagely, as you may have seen in the table, our web hosting service was 99.989%, which was 99.99% when it is rounded off, reaching out the regular standard of web hosting performance. This is of course  still not as good as our Premium Hosting. However, we will not stop to improve providing you better web hosting environment.



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