As you surely have known, we launched our Premium Hosting service in November 2008 – offering 3 UNIX and 3 Windows plans with the latest technological standards for both UNIX and Windows, all brand new IBM Xseries Blade Server, and fast premium support.

These Premium Hosting has become a hit not long after it was launched. However, there have been some asking, “why can’t you decrease the price? We are not ready to take that price”. As the answer and request to the question, we have two solutions, promo and our new Premium Hosting Lite.

What is Premium Hosting Lite?
Premium Hosting Lite is a “baby” version of Premium Hosting or, smaller but sufficient resources Premium Hosting plans. Premium Hosting Lite consists of two plans, which is one for each platform (UNIX and Windows) – Advance Lite and Business Lite.

These two plans are the babies form of Premium Advance (UNIX) and Premium Business (Windows) that provide you with sufficient resources you can use for your  website needs. You get the same exact features, the same IBM Xseries Blade Server, and the same  quick fix premium support.

All features in Advance and Business Lite include ASP 3.0 , Microsoft SQL 2005, MySQL 5, PHP 5, PERL 5, and AJAX support. For resources, Premium Lite allows one domain hosted, 2 subdomains, 400 MB storage, 50 GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, 1 MS-SQL database (for Windows), and 15 sub-ftp accounts, you can start up a wonderful website of your own with reliable performance.

With Premium Lite, users can start their website with all the features in Premium Hosting and sufficient resources. And when their website grows more and more, upgrade to the “adult” Premium Hosting is always an option when they need much bigger resources.

More on Premium Hosting Lite Grand Launching…

Not only launching the Lite Premium plans, we also give out discount up to 50% to first 500 customers within  seven days. How does it work? See below!

During your first year, there will be incremental discount applied to your 2nd to 12th month hosting. It ranges from 10% in the 2nd month, 15% in the 3rd month, to continuously incremental 5% discount for the next each months. The discount rate reaches up to 50% in your 10th, 11th, and 12th  month.

So what are you waiting for? This offer will not last long as only first 500 customers will receive this benefit. Sign up now before the 7 days period runs out!

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