Talking about the use of No Follow tag in your site, that is actually one of PageRank sculpting strategies, which is an effort to try changing on how the page rank flow within a website with various methods – one of which is adding No Follow tag.

Unfortunately, even though you add no follow tag to the links, sometimes it is still not effective and it can still leak page rank. And this means you should do PageRank Sculpting properly, more than just adding No Follow tag.

More about Page Rank Sculpting

Maybe some of you are still confused on how PageRank Sculpting works, I was too. Let’s have a look on how it goes. For example, your website page rank in Google is 6.

If later this website links to 3 other pages inside the website, it will share equal amounts of its PageRank to the destinations pages or links. So, each page will get 2 of its 6 PageRank points. However, if you do PageRank sculpting with No Follow tags, the result will be different.

PageRank Sculpting uses nofollow tags on the links to control where the PageRank value flows within a site. So if two of the links above had nofollow tags added, then the other page would get bigger points than when it was shared for three links.

With this strategy, you can manage the PageRank of your certain web pages in your website by controlling the PageRank flow.

This PageRank Sculpting idea will enable you to decide on what to do with your Page Rank wisely.

For more info on Page Rank Sculpting, visit here


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