Twitter has become a more and more popular social networking site for a company or organization. Many businesses now use twitter to provide updates and drive more traffic to their website. They create their Twitter acount and start their strategies. But how can you possibly gain traffic from Twitter?

Gain Your Followers

Before you can gain traffic to your site with Twitter, you should gain your followers first. There are following and follower in twitter. Following is when you follow people and then you can see their updates everytime they update the 140 character update box.

Followers are those following you in Twitter and seeing your updates everytime you provide updates with what’s going on with your company or organization. The more followers you get, the more people will see what’s going on with you and when they are curious, they will visit your website.

You can get followers by first inviting your own friends to follow you. Besides, you can follow people first, like those with the same similar nature as your organization or industry, or your friends. When you follow them, they’ll have a look at your profile and if they are interested, they’ll follow you back.

Provide Updates Regularly

This is the next step you should do to drive more traffic to your website with Twitter. In the update box, never forget to provide updates about what you’d like others to know so that your followers or other users visiting your profile.

Provide any updates about anything new in your company or organization. It can be new products, new services, new events, new promotion, or anything. Just ensure that your Twitter account is updated routinely with interesting stuffs because this is how you will attract people to visit your site.

When you have done these two steps properly, I am sure that traffic will flow like water to your website from Twitter. So, do your best and have fun twittering now.


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