Terms of Services, as I keep restating, are very important for you to pay attention to. They are the connection between internet businesses and you when you choose to use their services and  they are also the rules how they are gonna use your information.

Unfortunately, we all know we don’t really bother to read carefully and thoroughly the whole sentences in the Terms of Services, which might put us into difficulty with the service provider in further future. That is why Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) now tries to provide a way to solve the issue.

What is Electronic Frontier Foundation and Its Project?

EFF is an international non-profit advocacy and legal organization in the United States with the  purpose of being dedicated to preserving the right to freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, in the context of digital rights.

But what do they have to do with this TOS stuff? Well, for your information, they now provide you with  a tracker for updates of what’s happening in some organizations or companies’ TOS, either there is a change or not.

TOSBack (Terms of Service Tracker)

What is it? TOSBack is a tracker who keeps an eye on tens of website policies. Whenever there are changes in any of their policies, you will get the update in here so you will know when the time is to check out the policies.

With this new tool, you will not be left behind in getting the updates of TOS of the websites you join. This tracker will help you to know anything new with their TOS. So, get yourselves updated with what you’ve joined!


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