Words and contents are important aspect when you are writing something; articles, website contents, blogs, newsletters, or even legal documents. You don’t just write anything you want without considering the proper words and the right contents to put in.

However, sometimes some writers or people just find the easiest way to get their job done. There have been many cases of “copying and pasting” habit as it seems to be the easiest way to do. Actually, you should not copy and paste others’ work with the exact same words or contents without paraphrasing it or quoting the original source or author. However, the fact shows that copying and pasting articles writing, website contents, or even legal documents has been common phenomena.

There have been many writers copying and pasting others’ articles to be put in their website without stating the original author or source. There are also website content updaters who just copy and paste others’ websites contents into theirs by searching for similar websites with similar natural ideas, and copying any information they need.

How Worse Can Copying and Pasting Habit Lead to?

For you who still think that there are no bad consequences from this common habit, I will say you are definitely wrong. When the original owners of the contents realize what you have done, they will take necessary action to protect their copyright.

As a start, they might report it to the web host you use or the articles submission websites where it is published that you are taking their copyright without any permission. They have full right to do it as it is theirs and you have done copyright infringement to their work. And then,your accounts or your contents or your articles will be removed permanently and you may get banned too.

Additionally, they can even sue you with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) law or other applicable law over what you’ve done. By that time, you’ll have none to blame for your own fault. So, from now on, consider for thousand times first before deciding to copy and paste anything.


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