As always, every beginning of the month, I am here to present Host Department’s Uptime fact for the recent passed month, which is April’s uptime fact. Beginning the premier in March Uptime fact, we still provide you with our new Premium Hosting Uptime fact together with our regular shared hosting uptime record, so you can know the updates of our server performance and compare the difference between two clusters.

Premium Hosting for April 2009



% Critical
















Wonderfully, our Premium Hosting Service reached 99.95% uptime averagely in all services and just had 0.048% critical time due to electrical issue in the data center and also the regular maintenance. Compared to our regular shared hosting uptime record below, Premium Hosting performance still shows one step better.

Our HTTP, MySQL, and email services (POP and SMTP) reached around 99.95% okay time and just had 0.05% critical time due to the reason mentioned above. Additionally, our FTP service reached 99.943% uptime and was reported 0.057% critical for the regular maintenance. Overall, Premium Hosting has better uptime than the regular shared hosting accounts.

Regular Shared Hosting for April 2009

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Service % OK % Critical
FTP 99.954% 0.046%
HTTP 99.966% 0.034%
MySQL 98.986% 1.014%
SMTP 99.966% 0.034%
POP 99.966% 0.034%

Our Uptime fact for April 2009 reached 99.77% averagely for all service. We had around 0.23% downtime overally for all service. As you can see from the table, our MySQL service got the biggest critical time compared to the others, around 1.014% or around 98.986% uptime. This was caused by the regular scheduled maintenance.

Furthermore, our HTTP and E-mail service (SMTP and POP) reached out a wonderful uptime fact of 99.966%. It just had little 0.034% critical time when there was scheduled maintenance. On the other hand, our FTP service reached 99.954% uptime and had 0.046% critical time for performance maintenance.

We realize that this uptime fact has not yet reached 100%; however, we always want to be transparent and provide you with the clear description of what’s going on with our performance. Thank you for always reading this Uptime Fact. I’ll be back with May Uptime next month.

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