Names sound to be a very simple that doesn’t really mean much. But wait, doesn’t it? It does. It is simple but very meaningful actually. And it even becomes more meaningful when the names have relation to your business or any important stuffs in your life. Let’s say, a domain name for example.

Domain name is your name in online world, very important if you have business online. You will want to have your domain names easily remembered so people are able to visit and visit it again. That means you have to create the right domain names for your website. But how to make sure it is the right one?

Get the Idea of What Your Website Is All about
This is what you need to understand first. Try to know what the concept of your website is, the purpose, and the solution that you offer to your visitors. These will give them clear descriptions of what they are going to find in your website.

For example, our domain name,, clearly states what is in there. There is the concept of web hosting, the purpose of providing web hosting products and services, plus offering the right solution in web hosting. That’s why we name it Host Department.

Make it Short and Catchy
Remember not to make a long sentence for your domain name. You don’t want to have a very long domain name like or that I am absolutely sure only barely number of people remember. Just make it short but effective. Another thing to keep in mind is being catchy – another important factor to consider when registering a domain name.

However, don’t get catchy in the wrong and silly way. Be careful not to make mistakes that your domains sound like exposing something embarassing when they actually should have looked good. For examples: Pen Island – who registers their domain as; Who Represents – registering their domain as; PowerGen Italia – which domain is registered as; and some others that make you think what was in their thoughts when they register the domains.

Avoid Similarity and Trademark Violation
Before registering the domain name, pay attention and check first if the domain you choose will be any similar to any of your competitors’ domains. You want to be recognized as you, not as anybody else. For example, when there is already a domain name like, better not have similar one like as it will confuse your visitors.

Additionally, if there is good reputation that you’ve gained, visitors who do not really know you will think it is the other one’s reputation. Worse, if there is any bad reputation that the other domain gets, people might be misled that it is your own reputation. Be unique.

Last but not least, do not steal someone’s trademark just to get traffic or good name from public. Register a domain name which trademark hasn’t been owned by anybody as you can be sued for trademark infringement or violation! Ensure that you build your own trademark.

For example, as we have owned, nobody else should try to register any domain name under our trademark in any domain extensions like,, etc as we can take further legal action regarding trademark violation.

So, it is time for you to create the best domain name online that people will keep remembering and visiting more and more. Good luck!


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