I have written few about cybercrimes to show they have been a more and more global issue these days. Let’s say domain scamming, TOS violation, cybersquatting, or others! They are no longer new stuffs to happen. What is worse is with the economic crisis currently happening, the number of cybercrimes keep increasing in different ways.

Why Does Cybercrimes Take Place?

Previously, cybercrimes happened just because the cyber criminals liked to attack or damage with no other purpose than destruction or disruption of someone’s computer. They only had the will to cause malicious destruction to others.

However, the purpose now has changed a little. Since the economic crisis has happened during the last one year, the purpose is more for cash. How is it so? It can be caused from that people with good knowledge in the industry were laid off from their job. This means they have no money to earn their living and they have more time. It can result on doing things to get cash or money, even in the bad way.

What Can Cybercriminals Do to the Online World?
The most possible feared threat that could happen to the internet world is the threat to security. This can happen like the spread of computer viruses. One that is popular now is the Conficker Worm (virus), that is known to have attacked millions computers around the world for the last few months, Until now, there is no clear clue about the real purpose of the Conficker.

The Conficker is a self-replicating program that takes advantage of networks or computers which is not not kept updated with Windows security patches. It can infect machines from the Internet or by hiding on USB memory sticks that carry data from a computer to the others. So, you can see how powerful but dangerous it is.

How to Deal with This?
Honestly, there hasn’t been any idea to stop or prevent cyber or computer security attack completely other than being careful and installing the latest or the best security software. For the Conficker itself, Microsoft has free Malicious Software Removal Tool to detect and remove Conficker. Additionally, security firms such as Trend Micro, Symantec, or F-Secure provide Conficker removal services in their websites. These will protect you from the damaging effect.

Seeing that cybercrimes keep growing in strategies and number, we should be aware and protect ourselves from the worst.


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