The era of PHP 4 has passed out. Now, PHP 5 is on popular demand. Here and there, when people register for a web hosting package, PHP 5 is one of their top priorities that influences them to proceed to sign up or not. And there is no doubt about why as there are so many great new features offered in PHP 5 compared to PHP 4 as you will see below.

Wonderful Support Provided for Object-Oriented Programming

This must be the stuffs you are looking for as a programmer, wonderful set of support required for your programming. Using PHP 5, you don’t need to worry as it offers many features that go beyond the previous PHP.

It offers constructors, public, protected and private properties and methods,interfaces, abstract classes, class type hints, static properties and methods, final properties and methods, and other stuffs of awesome methods. If you enjoy web programming with objects and patterns, these are the features that will grant your wishes.

A Completely Rewritten MySQL Extension

MySQL, the most popular database tool ever. Everybody looks for it! As we all know, the latest versions of MySQL, the 5.0, introduce many new features. And as it is new, some of the features require significant changes to the extension.

As a result and solution, the new PHP 5 comes with a completely new and improved MySQL extension. What does it offer for MySQL? For your information, PHP 5 offers prepared statements, bound input and output parameters, SSL connections, multi-query functions for your database. Not only the regular MySQL, it also completes the SQLite.

SQLite (An Embedded Database) Feature

SQLite is an embedded database library that lets you store and query data using an SQL interface without installing and running separate database application. With PHP 5, it bundles SQLite, which provides developers a guarantee that the database will work on all PHP 5 installations.

Although the name is SQLite, it is actually not really a light database as it supports many advanced features – transactions, subqueries, triggers, and many others. Writing user-defined functions in PHP from within SQLite is also doable, which is the coolest feature available in PHP database extension.

Exceptions Handling to Clean Error

And this is also another very important feature for you in PHP 5. What is it? It is the error checking feature. PHP 5 provides a completely different model of error checking compared to PHP 4. It is called exception handling. This feature helps your work easier. How?

With this exception handling, it makes your work simpler as you have no need to check the return value of every function. So with this capability, you are saving your time by not having to check the return value, which is very much more practical.

Covering all these features, it means you may need to keep yourself updated with  PHP 5 technology and don’t be left behind! PHP 5 is now suggested for you to use for your web hosting needs.

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