Getting more and more traffic to your website is the most important thing you’d like to achieve when you own a website, especially, when the website is very critical to your business and success. Speaking of traffic, there are so many numerous ways to increase traffic that come into your site everyday.

I have written some points in the previous post about Link Building but it seems that I miss out one other that is also very significant in gaining your traffic, Link Exchange. Maybe I have no need in explaining what that is as I bet almost everybody knows it. But well, it’s not wrong to refresh our mind.

Link exchange or exchanging links with other website means that we place our links in other’s websites but in return, we also let the other party to put their links in our website. The definition is simple to understand; however, other than only the definition, what else to understand about it?


You all must agree with this, we will not do something for nothing. Instead, we’ll do that something for everything or anything we are possible to get. And remember, link exchange works mutually – mutual connection between two people or sites.

First that we consider the most must be money. Relieving for your budget, link exchange is fully free of charge. You don’t need to spend any here. Just need your website and the other website to place and exchange the links. You get the traffic and they do too.

Another benefit is that with link exchange, you get publicity and branding. When you exchange links with others, the payoff from it can be long term. By promoting your website in other websites with Link Exchange, you are promoting your product. And what is good is you are doing it without spamming.

Branding is also in your hand. More links you have in your websites means greater branding effect for your name. Surfers and internet users will be curious about you and why your site name always shows up in many websites. And when they are curious, they will visit your site and that is when you get the more traffic.

And what is even more important is your presence in search engines. If you exchange links everywhere, many of them will reward you for being “popular”. This popularity is measured with the number of links directed to your website. Search engine results will be the best benefit you get from Link Exchange.

Open yourself now to start doing link exchange, which leads to a lot of traffic coming to your site. However, be able not to make your link exchange into spamming or link farming (group of websites hyperlinking to every other site in the group). As long as you know how to do it well and properly, link exchange can result on tremendous benefits for your site.


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