Hello there! Today, we’d like to inform you about an important update about our server  in New Jersey. But first of all, we’d like to relay our profound gratitude to all of customers who have trusted us to host their critical websites.

To show our full respect, we are here to update you with little issue that was currently happening in some of our servers in New Jersey. It took place on Saturday, March 21, 2009 from around 10 pm to 3 am at night.

What was happening was that our servers got too much heat in their performance. And because of that, the Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) automatically shut down the electricity and got burnt. The function of the MCB itself is to automatically shut the electricity down whenever the power/energy used is more than it should be to avoid short circuit.

The affected servers at that time were the California, Detroit, Dakota, Storm, Sonic, Thunder, Colorado, and Lotus server. It affected the Control Panel and also database access, which happened on Rack II in our New Jersey data center.

However, please have no worry as the broken Mini Circuit Breaker has now been replaced with the new one and all servers are now performing well again without any further issue. Our qualified staffs and team have taken care and solved the issue perfectly.

Regarding this issue, we are really sorry to have caused any possible inconveniences at your end. We really didn’t mean to have all this happen. This issue has helped us to learn from our imperfection to provide you with more improved services in the future.

Furthermore, we really appreciate and thank you for your kind support towards our web hosting service. If there is any valuable feedback from you, we will be very happy to hear that. And should you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at http://support.hostdepartment.com/

Best regards,


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