Time goes fast. We didn’t realize it and now it has come to March 2, 2009. And, the time has come again for us to provide you with our February uptime fact so you can review our service and trust us without doubt. Here below, we proudly present our record for February 2009 uptime.

Table 1 (February 2009: Okay and Critical Time Reported)

Service % Time OK % Time Critical
FTP 99.99% 0.01%
HTTP 99.99% 0.01%
MySQL 99.99% 0.01%
SMTP 99.99% 0.01%
POP 99.98% 0.02%

Yay! We did it. Everything has gone even better this February 2009.

It must be very annoying when you cannot even access your FTP. Yep, we know it. And, I am sure you are very happy to know that we delivered the FTP service perfectly at 99.99% okay time and just had 0.01% critical time reported for scheduled server maintenance to improve performance.

And just like our FTP service, I am sure you are also satisfied with our HTTP service, which is important in ensuring your site is accessible. Performing 99.99% uptime and only having 0.01% critical time in February 2009 must have re-assured you that we always deliver the best service for our clients.

Database! Most of websites nowadays use it – for forums, blogs, customers data. And as we realize how important it is, we constantly ensure the MySQL service performs well. And we do! In February, we had 99.99% uptime and just got 0.01% critical time for the regular maintenance.

As everybody use emails everyday, we have no need to doubt its importance. Sending and receiving emails have been routine task everyone must do anytime to ensure everything runs well. And to relieve, our email services (POP and SMTP) have always been okay in February 2009.

Our SMTP service reached out 99.99% okay time and just had 0.01% downtime reported for scheduled maintenance. Furthermore, our POP service also performed well last month, reaching 99.98% uptime and unfortunately was 0.02% critical for maintenance.

Well, we know that it is not perfect yet. Nevertheless, we are also never satisfied to keep improving and perfecting our web hosting service as we realize that your websites are very important for your business and life. Your website is now on the right hand.


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