Spammers have increased greater and greater in number. They always know how to do their “job” well and their strategy keeps improving. As a proof for their improvement, most spammers nowadays abuse free hosting and blogging sites for their spamming activities.

Why Would They Choose the Free Ones and Blogging Sites?

The first and the most important thing is simply because they are free of charge. No money needed to invest as you don’t have to pay for anything. You just need to register and verify your account to start creating your own web pages or emails.

With free hosting or blogging sites, you are also required no domain names to register as they offer you free subdomains to use. Take as an example,, which allows you to have free blogging sites with your very own choice subdomain for your blog like Also have a look at at which you can host free subdomains like You can always begin to develop websites with subdomains.

And for spammers, this will be a great advantage for them as they can avoid being blacklisted or flagged when they use the subdomains only. How come? It is because most free host’s website addresses have legitimate website address that will impossibly be blacklisted and flagged. This will surely make the spammers’ activities run more smoothly.

How Will They Exactly Do It?

To be careful, spammers usually choose free hosts that already have big names such as Yahoo geocities, googlepages, blogspot, etc, which domain names will never be blocked. What they need to do is just registering their accounts and verify the codes or emails to start their website creation.

And as it is very simple to do, the link providers create and maintain as many as free hosting accounts they can have under the spammers’ ownership and the spammers will then use them to redirect to spam websites. No more necessary complicated steps!

And even when the ISPs or hosts or domain resellers themselves take down the spam web pages, the spammers and link providers can update the redirects to another live spam websites. They surely have known how to continue it well. You can never predict when they will stop.

So What Can We Do about That?

Now that we understand how simple and easy it is for spammers to do their job, we must beware of anything that requests for financial data or private information such as your bank, school, investment firm, or whatever that may be benefited by spammers. Just trust me that you dont want to be one of the spammers’ victims.


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