Web hosting industry has been an incredible money maker nowadays. As long as internet exists, web hosting will be money making machine for you. However, do you really think you can succeed in this business if you have no experience and enough capital yet? Well no worries, there’s a profitable option as a start up. Be a web hosting reseller! You can keep on going your current work if you have one and web hosting business at the same time. Only few dollars of investment needed.

Why Should You Really Start from Reseller?

Starting it all, as I have mentioned earlier, being a web hosting reseller doesn’t require you to invest thousands of dollars in the business. You need only few or tens of dollars as your budget to begin with. If you open your own web hosting company, you have to buy your own data center, server, license, etc that seem too much for any beginner to start. You want to get more cash, but in fact, you just spend more than you need at the beginning. While on the contrary, with a reseller package, you spend less but receive more than you expect.

Being a reseller becomes a good start when you seem you’re just a web hosting newbie. You have no experience and still get lack of knowledge to really open your own web hosting business. Reseller hosting will be your “light in the darkness”. You get your own dedicated reseller specialist to help you when there are issues with your reselling. You are not alone! Hand in hand with the dedicated reseller specialist, there will be a reseller guide in a reseller package to help you out. Your reseller hosting provider won’t leave you by yourself. Help is always available.

Even better, although you are a reseller, you can perform as your own company brand. Most reseller hosting providers offer white label reseller, meaning that you will stand on your own brand. Create your own brand name and your reseller provider will stay undetected and hidden. When your end customers are satisfied with your web hosting service, you are the one accepting all the awards and respects. And the incredible revenues will come to “inhabit” in your bank account only, not your reseller provider.

By the time you have reached successful progress in reselling, been sure you want to get fully involved in web hosting industry and realized that reseller program is no longer suitable, you will always have the chance to really start your real own web hosting company. However, when you are sure you still start from zero in web hosting, reseller package is always highly recommended.


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