As it has been for the last two months, here we are again to report completely our uptime fact in December 2008. Averagely, the uptime record has been listed as below:

% Time OK % Time Critica
FTP 99.978% 0.022%
HTTP 99.989% 0.011%
MySQL 99.292% 0.708%
SMTP 99.292% 0.70




Averagely, for FTP service, we reach 99.98% uptime, meaning that we have 0.02% critical time. This is 0.01% less than guaranteed and we apologize for the inconveniences that might have been caused. The critical time was caused by schedule maintenance in our server.


Our website service (HTTP) uptime fact in December 2008 meets the uptime guarantee of 99.99%. There was only 0.01% critical time as estimated in the uptime guarantee. And we proudly inform that we meet the reliability here.


Unfortunately, our MySQL, SMTP, and POP service in December showed a little below the standard guarantee. MySQL and SMTP reached out 99.29% okay time in the server avearagely while our POP service was around 99.28% up.

This means that we had about 0.71% critical time for MySQL and SMTP. Furthermore, there was 0.72% critical time for the POP service. We realize this must have been a pain in the ass for your website. We are really sorry and apologize for the inconveniences.

However, please have no worries as we always constantly improve our service in each moment and our admins are always there to help out.

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