Customer Support: It’s been a while since I post my last entry. There has been quite a significant improvement in our service levels now, I can proudly say that. From hundreds of tickets queues a day, we are down to below 30 ticket queues a day now. Two thumbs up for our management team! The same thing with Live Chat service, the waiting time and service level has improved significantly.

I’d like to say thanks for all the customers who had been giving us feedback and encouragement on our improvement. Your positive feedbacks really lift up the spirits of our entire team! Thanks!

I found out about one interesting online service in the last couple of weeks. It’s called Prosper. I have to say, it’s a brilliant idea. Through prosper, people can get loans from other ordinary people. So rather than having your loan from banks or other financial institution, you can present your case to actual people.

I believe every person has a divine gift, given enough chance, encouragement, and faith, I truly believe every person has a very good potential to become successful. Through prosper, other people can invest on other people’s dreams, make them come true. We would like to be a part of that as well.

Host Department is the only web host that is actually helping its customer to actually realize their dreams, through Prosper. We just launch the program a few weeks now, and one customer is going to get his $22,000 USD worth of loan to expand his tanning salon business. Which is great and I believe he would become successful.

You can see the listing this gentleman has at and it’s almost fully funded!

The advantage of getting the loan through Host Department group is that we will be endorsing our customers to earn a bit more of credibility, plus we would love to invest into our own customer’s dreams and passions! Yes, when our customers are listing their loan request at Prosper, we will probably the first people who would put our money down on the loan.

I truly think the idea is a great idea, I myself will be regularly checking our prosper group listing to endorse and invest into our customers dreams.

Back to hosting, we are in the process of consolidating our data center into one facility and network provider; this will ensure faster recovery operations and overall service speed. Additionally we will be enforcing our network security by upgrading our firewall and network security appliances to the latest technology available to date.

Stay tune for further update and God bless!

Jimmy R Tanzil

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