There is no other way to express it, we are simply growing too fast. I have decided to pull out most of our aggressive marketing campaigns. The core value I set for this company is purely “customer satisfaction“. Growing fast is good, everybody wants growth, but one must also be prepared for it, right? Our growth in this past several months are so overwhelming that our recruitment and training for new hires/staff can not keep up with the growth. Customer queues are getting longer, service level are not as I expected anymore, it’s not actually a good sight. So the decision has been made. I am pulling the plug on all the funds we spend for aggressive marketing until we can get enough manpower to sustain and deliver excellent customer service back on the line. That being said, I would like to also apologize to our customers if you recently received a service level that is below your expectation. Hopefully by pulling the plug on aggressive marketing, our team will not be too overwhelmed by having to service both new and existing customers, because servicing new customers takes much more time than existing ones, simply because they don’t know their way around yet. I hope to restore excellent level of service very soon as I expect a huge drop on new customers coming in starting today. We are preparing many new staff to handle both existing and new customers in the future, please bare with these new guys if they somehow takes longer to service you than our senior staffs. Thanks again for choosing Host Department! I’ll make sure we all do our best to always have your favor upon our services. Have a blessed day! -Jimmy R Tanzil

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