I started the company as both a passion and a hobby, back while I was still working as a programmer in 1999. When you love what you do, time passed by really quick without you noticing it. Before I realize it, there are so much things going on now within the company.

Now we have quite many departments which handles domain names, shared hosting, reseller hosting, ecommerce hosting, billing, fraud, abuse, research & development, sales, marketing, business development, human resources, and of course our entire line of customer service division (tech support, system administrators, call centers, account executives, even our own customer liaison which make sure our customers are taken care of properly). To think of it, we’ve gone a pretty long way from where I started. From literally a one man show to what it is has become now.

Oh almost forgot our free web hosting services which are also growing very rapidly (freewebservices.net) and we also have a team who is maintaining it full time. Now, my plan is to even grow what we have now. This year, we have so many plan, we will be launching our new website soon, along with our new line of dedicated server product line.

Within the plans we have is to constantly improve the level of service we provide to our entire customer base. My ultimate goal is to eventually make every single customer to be serviced personally and for us to always exceed the expectation of our customers. Fortunately, we have so many good people here within the management, which will help tremendously to make this goal met. Not to mention that we have a very promising CEO which I hired back in 2006. With the leadership of all these great people, I am sure we will always be able to met our goals, whatever we may set it to be.

Some exciting things to come, Host Department will be branching in Europe, Australia, and Canada. We will start branching in an English speaking market in 2007. Then my plan is to expand further more to the Asian market in 2008, to China, Japan, Korea, India, and some countries in South East Asia. This will be so exciting that we will then be able to service our world-wide customers in multiple languages. We will first start with a text based support in multiple languages which will then grow to a call center based support.

My plan is to always start slowly and grow naturally, we won’t be spending multi million dollars capital to break into the market above, but with what I have planned, I am sure we will gradually break into the market above and will gradually but surely climb up to the top.

For all existing Host Department customers, partners, and affiliates, thanks for choosing and working together with us, as you will see much more wonders that we will bring into the company.

Oh also, I am about to start an internet ministry, as I feel that God has put this thing so strong in my heart that I have no choice than to follow it.

I will post an update on this blog when the ministry has started, it’s not to make money, I won’t be asking for any kind of “donation” for people to receive what I offer. The ministry will be endorsed 100% by Host Department. I hope you will be one of the many people that will be blessed by this ministry.

Thanks for dropping by, have a blessed life and don’t forget God!

– Jimmy R Tanzil

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