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Configuring Web Payment Systems:

    Webmoney (HS 2.5+)

Unlike Merchant Gateways, Web Payment Systems require that users make payments through their payment web page.


Work Principles

Once you have registered an account with such a gateway, you enter the account details in H-Sphere. When clients select a web payment system during signup, H-Sphere passes account ID, amount payable, and possibly other details to the gateway. The user is then taken to the gateway's web control panel to enter the credit card number and complete the transaction. When H-Sphere receives a payment notification, it creates the account.

Since H-Sphere doesn't store credit card numbers of customers using web payment systems, further payments are also made outside H-Sphere.


Configuration Procedure

To configure a web payment system with H-Sphere:

  1. Register an online account with this web payment system.
  2. In H-Sphere admin control panel, select Merchant Gateways in the Settings menu:

  3. Select the payment system from the drop-down menu and click Edit:

  4. Enter your account settings (for instructions, follow links in the blue box on the right).
  5. Once you enter correct settings, the web payment system will appear in the list as active:

Deactivating a payment system disables it for new signups and existing accounts. Although the gateway settings will be preserved, users won't be able to make payments from H-Sphere. You can also deactivate payment systems from their configuration pages.


Web Payment Instant Notification URL

(format changed in H-Sphere 2.5 and up)

Some Web payment systems, like PayPal, require setting the so-called instant notification URL by means of which these Web payment systems report H-Sphere about received customer payments.

In H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 1 and up, H-Sphere instant notifation URL has uniform format for all supported Web payment systems:



  • CP_PROTOCOL://CP_HOST:CP_PORT/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere is a part of a regular CP URL (it may have a different look if customized),
  • WebPaymentSevlet is set in the ~cpanel/shiva/psoft/hsphere/merchants.xml XML config file as the servlet attribute of the processor tag for a respective Web payment system. For example, it will be PayPal.payment for PayPal:

    <processor name="PayPal" description="label.paypal" template="admin/merchant/PayPal.html" servlet="PayPal.payment" class="psoft.hsphere.payment.PayPal">

For example, for PayPal instant notification URL will look like:


Important: When updating to H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 1 and up, please update the instant notification URL format in respective settings on the Web payment system's site.


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