H-Sphere Reseller Guide

VeriSign PayFlow Pro With SSL Support

(version 2.3 and higher)


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Contact your hosting service provider to work with files on the host server.

Make sure that the Verisign.jar file is present in the /hsphere/local/home/cpanel/java_rt/ directory.

If it's not there:

  1. Contact PayFlow Pro and obtain the Verisign.jar file.
  2. Put the lib file into in the directory ~cpanel/java_rt/.
  3. Restart H-Sphere.

Set up the ssl certificate certificate file:

  1. Extract certificates from pfpro_java.tar.gz and put them to any location on the control panel server, e.g: ~cpanel/shiva/psoft.config/certs/.
  2. When configuring the gateway, enter the path to this SSL file in Path to the certificate file.



  1. Select PayFlow Pro (with SSL support) in the Add New Gateway box.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form that appears:

    • Title: give a name to this PayFlow Pro connection
    • Server: the name of the PayFlow Pro server
    • Port: the port of the PayFlow Pro server
    • Partner: your partner ID given to you by the authorized reseller who signed you up for the PayFlow Pro service
    • AVS: AVS stands for Address Verification Service. It can be used as an additional layer of protection for merchants who wish to verify that the purchaser knows the billing address of the cardholder (in case these are two different people). This is not a very serious form of risk mitigation or fraud prevention, and yet it does give some assurance that a hacker isn't simply generating a list of valid credit card numbers and purchasing product at will. AVS simply matches the numeric portion of the cardholder's street billing address and the 5 or 9-digit zip code of the cardholder's billing address. The AVS request parameters are STREET and ZIP. The processing network verifies the AVS information, comparing a portion of the billing address from the request message with address data on file at the VIC or the issuer's center. Based on the comparison, a response will be returned which confirms whether the information matches or not. Banks do not decline transactions based on the AVS check. The AVS response is returned as two single tab-delimited characters: YY, NN, YN, NY (Y-'matches', N for 'does not match'). This information is just an advice. However, the H-Sphere system will either allow or decline the transaction depending on the selected AVS status. AVS is available only for US cardholders.
      Important: To provide non US cardholders CC processing, disable AVS check-up in the merchant gateway configuration.
    • Login: your PayFlow Pro login
    • Vendor: enter the name of the user associated with your PayFlow Pro Manager account
    • Password: the password which comes with login/username
    • Path to the certificate file: on the control panel server, the path to the SSL certificate you received when you signed up with PayFlow Pro
  4. Click Submit Query


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