H-Sphere Reseller Guide

EasyApp Collection: Providing Third-Party PHP/MySQL Applications

(Unix-based accounts: since HS 2.4.3 Beta 1
Windows-based accounts: since HS 2.4.3 Patch 3)


Starting with H-Sphere 2.4.3, users can easily set up various applications directly in their user CP. You can provide the applications for them by compiling packages using the EasyApp SDK tool and installing those packages on your admin CP.

Versions of the EasyApp package don't depend on the versions of H-Sphere. EasyApp package can be updated more often than H-Sphere to offer newer versions of included applications.

For your convenience, we have compiled the EasyApps Collection package consisting of over 30 PHP/MySQL applications, such as Blogs, CMS & Portals, Forums, E-Commerce etc.

Install the package and make the set of applications available to your users as a resource.

EasyApp Collection is integrated into H-Sphere in 2 steps:

1. Installing/Updating the Package:

Ask your hosting provider to install the EasyApp Collection package.

2. Making Applications Available To Users:

To add the resource to an existing Plan:

  1. At your CP home go to Info->Plans.
  2. On the Plans page that appears, press the Edit button near the plan you want to enable the resource in.
  3. On Unix Plan Edit Wizard Step 1:
    • include EasyApp

    • check MySQL

  4. On Step 2, configure prices for the resource.

In the same way you can enable the EasyApps resource in all newly created plans.

Now your users can install applications from the EasyApp Collection on their domains.


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