H-Sphere Reseller Guide

Entering Company Information


The system holds your company's name, mailing address and other details that are used across the control panel, including the letters e-mailed to the user. It's especially important for Enom and OpenSRS - incorrect or no info may decline domain registration.

To enter your company info:

  1. Select Company Info in the Look and Feel menu.
  2. Enter your corporate details:
    • Owner's first and last name: enter your name.
    • Company, Adress, City, State, Country and Postal Code: enter your company's postal address information.
    • Phone, Fax numbers of your company.
    • e-mail: H-Sphere will use this address to send user notifications, mass mails, etc.
    • Hostmaster E-mail: your sysadmin e-mail address. Use a dot "." instead of "@" in the e-mail address.
    • Website: enter your company website if any.
  3. Click Save to preserve changes.

Don't forget to configure Misc. Texts as well.


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